working model of the universe, dimensions, gravity, and energy

Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by trevor borocz johnson, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    This is a theory on gravity and energy. I would ask first if anyone else has a working theory on gravity but I know no one else does. This theory is based on the hypothetical observation that two boxes of empty space, one from just above a black hole, and the other from an area void of any gravity fields, will totally reverse the properties of momentum for an atom and an electron. what is it in empty space that can cause such a dramatic change in these properties?

    This is more of a hobby to me then anything else, so I can't wait to hear from the other hobbyist's what they think.

    Gravity and Dimension Theory:

    quarks cause gravity on space
    a quark and the universe are made of the same substance
    quarks exist inside a universe, when they exit the universe they expand into void blocks
    a quark and a universe are the same object with the same properties at two different dimensions
    the object is indivisible and is fixed in dimensions
    the object is in cubic form
    the object spins at a much greater speed then it moves in any direction
    the object has a structure of blocks in cubic honeycomb symmetry making it up as a whole
    the blocks are made of the substance void
    the void blocks have the property of becoming squeezed smaller when acted on by denser blocks
    blocks of space void that occupy the same area as a quark are crushed by the surrounding dimensional change of the super void quark and become quarks inside of the new dimension
    the blocks of space void that are now quarks return to space void blocks when the quark that causes the dimensional change passes through them
    As it exits the dimensional change the quark takes time to expand to its inactive space state which causes an area of denser void blocks surrounding a quark
    this denser area of void is what causes gravity's attraction
    the spinning causes the greatest pressure increase as space void continuously passes through the wall of the quark and exits again
    space rushes in to fill the void area's around the spinning quark faster then the spin of the quark
    the surface of the spinning quark puts a squeezing pressure on the surrounding space as powerful as a black hole
    the squeezing pressure would cause layers of connected blocks in any any direction from the surface of the denser area of void to be squeezed by layer outwardly in a spherical shape until the edge of the gravity field which is exponential to an asymptote.
    the properties of science and nature are the same for every dimension

    In the universe energy exists at two different dimensions just as matter does
    Energy is present as a component of empty space in the form of weak dimensional energy
    The weak dimensional energy of empty space forms a grid lining the void blocks of empty space
    The energy of the stronger dimension is created at the wall of the universe
    The energy filters in from the universe dimension outside of our own
    It becomes free moving as a stress on space and is captured by neutrons and protons as electrons
    Strong dimensional energy can be essentially described as a squeezing pressure on the weak dimensional energy of space
    Putting a squeezing force on the void blocks of empty space simultaneously puts a squeezing pressure on the energy grid and vice versa
    An electron shell may be border limits caused by the effect that the nucleus quarks gravity has on the squeezing of empty space void and simultaneously the energy grid
    electrons have mass because their squeezing effect on the energy grid of space creates a simultaneous squeeze of the void blocks creating a gravity effect
    Empty space under pressure from a white light source will cause a continuous area of squeezing
    objects in the area of squeezing will become illuminated at different wavelengths
    the collection of colors present in the pressure on space from the objects in a room can be observed by holding a white piece of paper and moving it around the room causing its color to change
    the squeezing itself is invisible
    magnetism occurs when all the electrons in a ferromagnetic material like iron spin in the same direction
    the simultaneous spin of all the electrons creates a fan like object out of the magnet for empty space where one side of the fan is the draw of empty space energy and the other side is the outward push, as seen by holding two north ends together
    A magnet creates a continuous flow of the weak dimensional energy of space in the pattern of a magnetic field
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  3. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Well my personal opinion is that you have just run up the Jolly Roger and come out as a loony. I think this needs to be moved to Alternative Theories and I shall report it to that effect. Otherwise, best of luck with it, mate.
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  5. AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree Valued Senior Member

    This is nonsense.
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  7. Daecon Kiwi fruit Valued Senior Member

    Why do you think this is a theory?
  8. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    I don't think science is your 'thing'.
  9. Edont Knoff Registered Senior Member

    Your theory fails at this point. The universe is not made of any substance.

    If you claim that quarks and the universe are made of the same substance, you need to provide proof for that. I think it already fails at the point of substance, since I believe that quarks are wave functions rather than "made of some substance", but I'm looking forward to your proof. It will give some insight into the world of the smallest (quarks) and the biggest scales (universe).
  10. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    YEAH just like my gravity/explosives energy generating systems don't work either? you know how many fireworks i set off doing experiments? OVER 700! think I haven't settled the matter if it works or not? and I know you don't even read, or if you do read understand, what I've said because I've put out information I know is faulty to see if anyone catches it. I'd be beside myself if anyone catches the piece that doesn't logically fit in with this post. You would have to actually understand what I'm saying. Took my several thousand hours over three years to complete this idea. It's still not done.
  11. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    well I have to argue with here based on the grounds of infinite divisibility. my theory holds that particles, areas of space, and time can be broken down into infinitely divided sections. How would a wave function be broken down infinitely?
  12. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    Correct. Your idea is not feasible and would very inefficient.
    What a waste of time.
    It does not work.
    Just about everything you've written is wrong. Maybe you snuck in some correct information that I missed.
    None of what you have written is particularly logical.
    3 years! What a monumental waste of time. You could have spent that time actually learning physics...
  13. krash661 [MK6] transitioning scifi to reality Valued Senior Member

    breaking things into pieces or putting them back together is nothing new-- you are no where near the first too do so(let alone doing so correctly)--even with your own hypothesis.
  14. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    Democritus is the obvious one who had the first atomic theory. The basic idea for my concept is that a quark is a universe at the next lower dimension and the quarks in that universe are the universe's for the dimension one step lower then that, on and on infinitely dividing space and time at any given moment. It's basically a collection of already assumed general ideas that has a geometrical math applied to it.
  15. Daecon Kiwi fruit Valued Senior Member

    And why do you think that?
  16. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    because beyond the wall of the big bang you can't see anything. Why not? according to my theory it's because the matter of the universe belongs to an outside 4th dimension where the speed of light compared to our own is slowed down at a ratio of a quark to the size of the universe. Time in this dimension and all infinite dimensions of expansion is at a standstill for all your concerned, permanently. And as we know time is the speed of light, if you were to travel faster then the speed of light you would travel into the light of what was and be able to look backwards through history. When you die you slip into the infinity of your death moment, everything else in the dimension moves on normally but you will always exist in that moment.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2015
  17. Daecon Kiwi fruit Valued Senior Member

    That doesn't explain why you think that.

    At the moment it just sounds like "I think this is true because I made it up" and that just isn't good enough.
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  18. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    Talk, is cheap...You need some evidence, observational and/or experimental to give substance to your hypothesis. As Deacon has just said, you are simply making stuff up. It has no substance.
  19. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    The universe is one big quark?
  20. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    I can think of some test experiments that are well out of my reach but for example one might measure accuratley the distance to the wall of the big bang on all sides to determine that the universe is moving through us not just occurred all at once. It might give us an idea of how fast the universe is moving as well
  21. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    To me it just sounds like a whimsical idea.

    Like science fiction.
  22. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    The BB was an evolution of spacetime, not an evolution in spacetime...There is no center, no edges and/or walls to speak of.
  23. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    "Cosmologists suspect that the four forces that rule the universe — gravity, electromagnetism and the weak and strong nuclear forces were unified into a single force at the universe's birth, squashed together because of the extreme temperatures and densities involved."

    This article has a lot of theory about the big bang.

    In contrast my theory holds that according to the two boxes of empty space experiment, space has the four forces built into it like a density that allows for the atoms and the EMR to move within confined limits i.e. the speed of light, fusion, etc.. Each change in dimension is a dramatic change in the 'density' of space. When a quark leaves the universe wall it expands because of the density of space in the new dimension it is in. The quark then becomes a block of void that creates space in the outside dimensional universe. It takes time to expand and its density adds pressure to the surrounding space, this pressure in empty space is what causes gravity.

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