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Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Captain Kremmen, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Bishadi Banned Banned

    as you confirmed it with denying the submission of evidence

    i offered material any can look up even with a scientific reference to polaritonics so any can see the phenomenon in real world science versus just your whinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning?

    i used words, that you perhaps don't comprehend and with evidence you don't comprehend.

    which means if you DO NOT COMPREHEND, perhaps you should check up on the material before opening your keyboard

    or if you really want more (with the publications); then just hop on over to the chemistry and physics arenas on the forum and see where the same material evidence can be found (already on the website)

    there you can read for a few months and learn enough to be capable of addressing the items i asked you about ( explaination on glial (gfra3 complex and artemin) )

    that common sense is proven wrong by realizing and the experimental evidence of what sleep deprivation does

    but since we know you WILL NOT do any homework, perhaps i can assist with just flooding the forum with more data than you can handle

    or perhaps


    so can you assist in the storage and how the mechanism works

    or are you going to continue trolling?
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  3. Bishadi Banned Banned



    perhaps try a lesson with something other than newsweek


    The Nature of Sleep and its Impact on Health
    by Ben Best


    after you have read that then you will be able to at least comment intelligently on the basics
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  5. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Wrong again.

    Also wrong: you spout nonsense and don't say how (if it in fact actually does) it supports your position.

    Wrong again. All round.

    That'll be the day.
    Unless you mean false/ spurious data.

    Oh look: your quotes states MY position
    Consolidation: filing/ storing NOT recording.

    So it's not the recording then?

    Keep it up, you continue to show yourself for the idiot/ liar that you are.
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  7. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    Call up the Berkely Gang

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    That's funny.
  8. Bishadi Banned Banned


    why would it be

    what is wrong with people?

    why can't real people do real things that cause real actions: by a choice that is geared for others and not themselves?

    Oli........... i have said it before and i will say it again; you are so far out of your league it is rediculous.
  9. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Is that why you post references that back me up and contradict you?
    Or alternatively (as with the post above) take us away from the topic altogether.
    Or did you mean that you're playing for the kindergarten and I keep lowering myself to address your posts?

    By the way, one more spelling lesson: it's ridiculous.
    Bishadi, it has been stated time and time again (and not just by me): you generally have no idea what you're talking about.
    Please go away.
  10. Dub_ Strange loop Registered Senior Member

    Hi Bishadi and Oli,

    Both of you are correct in a sense, since memory consolidation could be thought of both as "recording" and "sorting" of memories; these really just emphasize different perspectives on the same process. Your heated disagreement is, in my estimation, superficial and purely semantic in origin. It's not even clear which word represents a "better" analogy for the consolidation process, since we really don't know if it's more of a sorting process (e.g., organizing a file cabinet) or a simple strengthening process (e.g., waving a Kodak photograph through the air to hasten development).

    Also Bishadi, I'm not a neurobiologist but I did study some neurobiology as an undergraduate, and I can't recall ever reading that glial cells play an active role in storing memory traces, as you asserted in post #48. None of the material that you posted implied this, either. Do you have some other sources on the matter? I am speaking as someone who is genuinely interested.
  11. Bishadi Banned Banned

    bet more people are looking around by my hand than anything you ever did your whole life

    if you haven't noticed, i don't care what any think of me personally

    i just like people to join me outside to take a peek


    there is more outside of the cave (plato) to understand
  12. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Possibly, but "recording" is not an accurate description. Even your own analogy doesn't support it. The film, once exposed, has already done the "recording" - anything else is icing on the cake.

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  13. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Looking around by your hand?
    Is that English?
    And if I understand your garbled phrase correctly you'd be incorrect on your bet.

    Yup, I noticed that.
    It's how you've managed sustain such a long posting "career": by ignoring everyone who was right and continuing your delusion.

    More specious crap.
  14. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    Oh, Sorry. It isn't Berkely, it's Barksdale.
    I thought you meant the Barksdale gang from the TV series The Wire.
    You wouldn't want them calling round, and that's for sure.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
  15. Dub_ Strange loop Registered Senior Member

    It's true that it's not a perfect analogy, but it's the first one that came to mind -- in any case you seem to get my meaning

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    . Anyway, my point is that nearly the entire disagreement between you two hinges on how one chooses to define the word recording. Your definition of "recording" is IMO more akin to "attending" (i.e., getting the stimulus into your head in the first place); but merely attending to a stimulus hardly guarantees later retrieval, as the word "recording" would imply. Nothing is really "recorded" into memory (either LTM or STM) until a certain degree of consolidation has taken place, so it's useful to think of consolidation as recording since it is the very process that leads to later access to that memory. Likewise, it is useful to think of consolidation as "sorting" since many theorists claim that consolidation works in this way (e.g., the file cabinet analogy), but importantly, this is still conjecture at this point in time and there is not yet empirical evidence to support this view of consolidation.

    So like I said, neither word is incorrect when referring to consolidation, they simply represent different perspectives on the process.
  16. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Meh, just to be picky.

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    As I said earlier: if it hasn't been recorded then it won't be available for consolidation (or whatever you want to call it).
    I will admit that during the sorting some memories are discarded and others assigned (for want of a better term) as LTM/ STM.
  17. Bishadi Banned Banned


    as often words get in the way

    either way; the coherance of mind (conscious) observing a body of memories is what is really important.

    To understand how the 'memory' is recorded, is really important. Rather than a binary or linkage of wiring. (neurons are said to be like wiring (old) Using "gates" like an electronic system (on/off), the actual input is of energy in wavelengths (em) at the molecular scale. The tubular structure of axon and even the cytoskeleton offers the similarity to nano structures and the science behind them is growing offering evidence that is being cross referenced.

    the analogies are combining in which the most efficient energy transfers are in fact not electrical in nature (electronics frame of ideology to neural exchanges) but are in reality electromagnetic in wavelengths/frequency.

    then to have evidence that polaritonics exists, combined with the crystal structures within glial; all it will take is someone like you to finish it

    the exchanges between the structures is em; the rest is down hill to a few thinking folk

    This will allow the understanding of how that coherance can exist. (consciousness)

    i will offer you anything you like, what you are reading from me is the combining of a bunch of material

    PM me and we can begin and i will send you publications from all over the world covering a range of material bridging many areas of physics, biology and specifically neurology or purely the exchange of energy between all living things.

    You ask the questions, i will post up what i can.

    just so Oli is aware, the exchange of energy at the molecular scale and the ToE all originated from the work done in research on the chemical exchanges (old school) that evolved into 'photo neuron conduction' representing the exchange between synaptic connections. (that is a subject i know better than fishing (and i am a damn good fisherman)

    i wanted to know 'how it worked' (30 yrs ago) and since; you should see what the globe has to offer in evidence.
  18. Bishadi Banned Banned

    did you ever know what glial was?

    or even like someone who has been reading is inquiring.

    wonder if he has a 'google'?

    lot's of googlin going on

    you just don't doodle in the google to increase the operation of your noodle
    would be fun to see the look on your face

    we in a philosophy section dude

    plato's cave anology???? (walking out/pardigm shifts) come see????

    hit the link, watch the youtube movie; perhaps be at least trying to learn something (fake it, just this once)
  19. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Side tracks again?

    I know, old stuff.
    Did it decades ago.
    Nothing to do with the topic.
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