With all the warnigns of the Sun how many still Tan?

none taken but i would have to say spring is a bt iffy but summer ishot and warm and the way it should be i think england viewed as bad weather ccuase the winter sucks.
it's some stupid thing some kids inveted a terible thing its were they slap sone random person and record it on ther mobiles it's sick
yea it's ilegal and please do not it got so out of hand here that people set fire to a man and recorded it
Holy s**t!! i didn't know it was illegal.. Ok maybe i take that last comment back...
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Here we are off topic again.....it was the SUN...lol there should be an open forum where you can just talk about anything you want.....i wonder if there is one?
well when i said a man got set on fire it might have been the sun :p and yea that would be nice.