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    I'm a professional gemstone artist. I do mostly small sculpture/carving and hand faceting of gem minerals, and crystals. I often share drawings of designs with other artists I work with. I'm not a fantastic sketch artist. I'm pretty good but often times I'm totally unable to express important details with just like inside or outside rounded contours, things like this. I was looking at a friends Poser 3D character modeling software, and found the setting where you can show the model in wireframe view. I'd like to learn more about wireframing so I could use that to enhance my drawing to show details more accurately. My searches on the internet keep bringing to wireframing that is somehow used in webpage design. That isnt what Im after. Does anyone here know about what Im after? I use graphics editing software that is adobe compatible, like for plugins and filters. Any direction would help.
    I appreciate your trouble.
    Sincerely August example: View attachment 6777

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