Windows or Mac?

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You're probably right, but since I like to tinker with my system then ease of use is not really a concern, because I don't notice any unease with Linux (insert distro).
Besides I get it at no cost. It's free! And I don't need a costly mac hardware too.
So in 2006 or 2008 when Longhorn comes out, and the new GUI compositing engine is in place, it will be better than OS X 10.3, which I've been running for a year now.

Well Longhorn is suppose to be released this year. OSX is using something like 95 dpi dont quote me on that it might be more. however Longhorn is supposidly gonna use no less than 120 dpi - 300 dpi. I just think MS is gonna do a decent job seeing as that they have been working on longhorn for 5 years now. I'm sure OSx will implement other impressive stuff I just think that Linux is a much better graphical Unix than OSX is. And for most users Windows will always be on top not because it is better but because MS was the first to introduce an easy to use interface to allow Personal Computers to be utilized by every home in the world. The fact that Bill Gates beat Steve Jobs to the punch is what it all boils down to. There are also more software readily availible for Windows rather than any other OS. Anyways Longhorn is also suppose to introduce a new FS called WinFS. Dont know if they will keep to their word about WinFS cause I have heard mixed things. Some say it will have WinFS others say MS is putting off WinFS for Server 2006 and later versions of Windows or something like that. WinFS is suppose to be a much stronger FS than any other used by any version of Windows.
If my memory serves me right then I think that WinFS has been in development since around 1994 or so.
Gawd this old sausage again?

Windows vs Macs. It should actually be Windows vs OS X as MS doesn't build computers. As far as comparing Windows with any other OS? It doesn't even rate. The only area in which Windows can be held up as an example of success is 'how to market a defective product to the masses and make them believe it is the best thing since sliced bread'. In that Microsoft truly leads all others.

Mac software expensive? No more expensive than any other if you are buying commercial graphic applications or anything else. Games tend to remain expensive for much longer than their Windows versions, something that makes no sense.

Windows vs OS X? Two words - "Virus Definitions" Have fun. ;)
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