Widespread multi-touch surface computing by 2020!

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We all saw the future according to Spielburg in Minority Report. Your box of cereal will talk to you and inform you about your nutritional needs. Ads you walk by on the street will call you out by name and grab your attention like wisecracking carnival barkers. No longer sci fi, this is a preview of the future in as soon as 4 years. Moore's Law dictates downsizing screens to paper thin sheets and transparent panels that require so little power they will be cheap and so mass produced for just about everything. Our cities, our workspaces, and our homes will be merged with an increasingly smarter and more interactive internet, where data, images, and social media will flash around us at our slightest microdetected whim.
"Trend 5 – Surface Computing: The Vision of the Future

Imagine a world where everything is a computing surface: your coffee table, mirror, desk, refrigerator, or windows. It is coming by 2020. It is not easy to envision, but Microsoft has developed a video athttp://www.microsoft.com/office/vision/ to demonstrate the power of this trend.

There are many opinions on where the puck is going to be in the future. But what is certain is that the world will witness unprecedented changes and opportunities in the years ahead leading up to 2020 and beyond.

The key question is, Will you be ready?"===http://www.infrastructure-intelligence.c...onsultancy
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It is amazing how fast technology is advancing these days. Paper thin computing surfaces could easily become the next big thing in the global market. We could use them in so many different ways, especially if they are affordable.