Why not ban high performance cars?

People, people calm down, I wasnt seriously wanting to ban performance cars.

Given the UK government's stance on speed which is they have Gatso meters everywhere, speed bumps all over the place, other various types of radar and laser cameras and a whole division of the police thats only job really is to maintain the cameras and fine us for driving over the speed limit then why should they not just restrict our cars so that we could never go over the speed limit, ever?

Its entirely logical as you are not allowed to go over the speed limit, there is no defence under UK law. As they take a very hard line against speeding, they make you confess to the crime which is a breach of human rights. When you go through the camera (and it will happen) and it takes a photo of your car then the police will send a letter through your door telling you to provide the information of the driver, if you do not then they will convict you under the Road Traffic Act 1988. This could be called illegal as you are entitled to silence under human rights, you are innocent until they prove you guilty, murderers and rapists are intitled to this. By making you confess to the crime and threatening you if you dont then this could be called coercion.

So why dont they just restrict cars to the limit then they wouldnt have to break human rights and cost the motorist upwards of £14.6 million a year which goes to the treasury?

I know that speed cameras dont save lifes, the government has constantly been publishing mis-leading statistics although, we have found out despite all the cameras that road deaths increased last year around some "safety" camera sites. The government put this down to wreckless "born again" bikers and put it mostly down to roads that havent got cameras. So they say they are going to introduce even more to combat this. They say that most drivers love them.

They are reducing most speed limits and introducing "road calming" too, it helps make drivers more sedate so they say. Will it feck.

Slotty, I live in the west of Scotland and I am the proud owner of a snooper s6 neo which alerts me to most cameras and the fuzz with their trusty laser/radar guns ;) They are not going to deprive me of speed or my licence even though most people in britain are more than willing to sit quiet and pay up. I used to drive a moped, which may sound shit, has made me a very aware driver, your correct about having to dodge grannys, I was forever getting knocked off it.
Yup, i gotta get one of them detectors. Last time i drove around scotland, the nice thing was seeing the signs saying "unmarked police patrol vehicles operate in this area", yeh right! I just had my boot down hard for 3 days. Brilliant. Long live the performance motor!
We've got one on the Camaro, but I don't recall which model it is. It wasn't cheap, but there were higher end models also. We'll probably upgrade soon. So far we figure it's saved my husband over 3000$ in speeding tickets. Still, the cops here will tell you that radar detectors don't really work. "By the time it goes off, it's too late." YEAH RIGHT! Maybe on the laser speed guns, but most departments can't afford them, so they stick with the old sterilization guns, which have to be powered up before a reading (or you can leave it turned on if you never want to have kids). Plenty of time to slow down. Will's favorite game is to suddenly let off the gas so you get all the popping from the exhaust and then downshift when the car is ready for it. They hear the sounds and they just know he was speeding, but without a reading they can't prove a damn thing!

He did get pasted once doing 121 in a 55 zone. Big fat motorcycle cop paced him, the sneaky bastard. No radar required. The cop came up with one of those Southern sheriff swaggers to his walk, real Beauford T. Justice type, leans on the driver's window, spends about 20 minutes on a speed lecture, then tells Will "I got ya at 121, 98, and 85. Which one you wanna plead guilty to?" (Picture that with a heavy southern drawl.) Will answered with an enthusiastic "85!" The cop responds "Well, at least ya ain't stupid." Then he gets let off with a warning!!! That's just the sort of astounding luck he has with the local gendarmes.

We think it has more to do with driving style than actual speed, because we've seen cops ignore high-speed drivers, looking more for reckless drivers doing sudden lane changes, cutting people off, or speeding while there's other traffic nearby. If you're by yourself and a danger to nobody else, it seems they generally leave you alone out here.
In Canada they have hefty fines for radar detectors. ALthough they're easy to buy, when you have them in your car the 'intent' to commit the crime is there. Not a good idea. Just obey the speed limit.
Asguard said:
i dont think the goverment cares if they are "fun"

they care about what will save lives

Utter balls.
The government couldn't care less if you or I die-- less pension to pay later-- all they care about is making money.

The Flemster.
The laser/radar detectors do work but give alot of false alerts as traffic lights, automatic door openers etc all use radar in their functioning. Radar is okay in speed determining but its inaccurate as it cannot determine who is going over the limit if you point it toward a motorway with lots of cars using it. Laser is the best, it is accurate but expensive. Laser homes in on glass in your windscreen and lights but reflects off and here is how laser detectors work, they can pick up this reflection and give you previous warning so it isnt true that by the time the laser detectors start bleeping its too late, this is just misinformation. The good thing about the one I have is that it has a database of the speed camera sites and it works by GPS, it alerts you of their presense when you approach them and it also detects laser and radar for all round protection.

So what do you people think of the human rights issue? Does the right of the individual outweigh the right of society?
Does the right of the individual outweigh the right of society?
Nope.Man is a social animal,he cannot live alone in isolation...can he? off course Yeti can :D

In New Zealand, Aotearoa, the government is considering taking down the "Speed camera Area" signs. This is in response to the growing numbers of "boy racers" in modified Subarus, Evos, Skylines etc. It's sooo Big Brother, cause you won't even know where he's watching - only that he is! The cops say if you're a law-abiding citizen you should have no problem with this. The issue is being thrown around in the "bee-hive" (parliament)
you won't even know where he's watching - only that he is!
reminiscent of foucault's panopticon. but i think the greater danger - greater than speeding - is people simply not paying attention. :mad: