why is everyone mad


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does anyone notice how rude and mean people are in general nowdays. its crazy i was driving the other day and some lady cut off some guy (not intensionally from what i saw) and he got out of his vehicle in stopped traffic walked up to the woman's car fliped her off and cussed at her. then casually walked back and got into his car. whats up with this? where are these people getting these ideas that people actually cut them off and bump into them purposely. does anyone have an idea???
I choose to be alert and pay attention when i am driving and i choose to not be rude to people , apparently some people make other choices. so in my opinion that lady chose to not pay attention while driving so therefore had to deal with the consequences of her decision , and so long as violent actions do not occur that man was simply doing what any good citizen should and attempting to assist this woman with any troubles she may have opperating the vehicle. (just in his own way) perhaps a mirror was maladjusted and she could not see him , and what if she was doing this all day to people and nobody told her .... she would think she was driving well and would continue to do so. Now she is forced in a way to evaluate her driving/rudeness and hopefuly correct the previously unknown problem.

but in closing i must say i agree and people are kinda suckin more everyday

my brother-in-law was chased for blocks by a guy with a gun when he tried cutting him off at an intersection....some people man....GEEZ!
I agree..

I agree that people attitudes have changed. Some would call it the "signs of the times" I call it Human Nature..Unfortunatly we have become idle and idle hands..well I am not going to preach.. I would be way outta my league. It is sad that you don't have to be a religous person to see that we are on a very short road to self destructing.
Would you rather we return to the good old days of lynchings?

I submit that American society is no more violent then it has been in the past. The violence is just becoming more evenly distributed.
Today's state of society

I guess after reading these posts I gotta put my 2¢ in. In the western days everyone was expected to help enforce the law where the law was not readily available. This was not so in the east as it was always at hand. This gave some respect for the individual.

In the east where police enforcement was on call, it was left to them to enforce it.

Part of the problem today is reflected in our schools, hence in society. When those in authority can not administer punitive punishment to the wrongdoer it does not take the child long to learn this. Part of being a child is learning where the boundaries are and then checking every so often to see that they are indeed still there. (Reinforcement of learning) When a child learns that all that will be received for his attitude and actions is a lot of talk this does not give the unruly reason to get in line. These lessons are then taken into life with them after school is far behind. Not only in school but at home also. I am no believer in beatings per se. That’s not what I’m saying and I don’t want to be misunderstood. But paddling butt is not a beating in my book.

If a young adult has to learn this after he is in society and away from the constraints of school, (where he should have learned respect for authority), you not only get such actions but you get them continuing long afterwards in life. It is a sad commentary on today’s state of society.

Disrespect for authority also breeds contempt for those others who should have at least a small amount of courtesy. Or to put it in Rodney King's 15 minutes of fame, "Can't we all get along?"
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well put and i would also like to add that with big brother watching over we have a patsy of sorts to blame things on , and also a desire to see what we can get away with when he/they are not looking

and to comment on spanking and its relation to this .... there are certain things an adult can do that would result in them being hit by another adult , if a child does one of these things they should be spanked to show that those actions can have an end result of pain therefore learning to be nice =>
i agree with the opinionated observation in regard to society becoming more...?...'rude'
i also think that smaking has had its day.
it is seen to be assault if an adult hits another adult for any reason other than self defence.....HENCE...

a double standard of how to deal with situations.

i can understand the beliefe in smacking but
dissagree with it in NO uncertain terms-on the bassis that parents who smack their kids do not walk around with a t-shirt saying "punch me if i am rude"!
violence is something that we as a race need to stamp out and i feel only by making stead fast rules that have NO excuse for bending can we then move to a more
intelectual and spiritual upgrade.
physical violence is the one biggie that i belive is holding us back!
THE HITTING GAME/BITING GAME- when small children
start to hit others i believe that given strick mental and physical disepline on part of the parent -they can hit or bite back just enough to induce a small amount of pain
this gives relevant and immediate feedback and cognitive boundries for the child to understand how it influences others and may help to encourage a early concept of empathy.
i have seen this work in one or 2 occasions.
but are MOST parents capable of such self control and mental diseplin??????????????? maybe not?
lots to think on
groove on all
sorry about the spelling my internet connection sucks ass....but it is free.................yipeeee :/
I've often wondered why, in the natural world where the reward for stupidity, ignoring the way things are, or just damned poor luck, is pain, injury, or death, we get so upset by a smack to a child's butt, that it isn't considered educational? Maybe we're just too removed, generations removed in many cases, from the natural world (as opposed to the man created world).
SOo...are you saying that you think it is ok that if you are rude to me i can punch you in the head?

i would doubt it!

double standards is the KEY to the advanced intelect of the modern child and thus the world.

is it ok to rip-off someone if you dont get caught?

you get my point?

Why is everyone mad?

Over the years I've infuriorated a number of people, a few times to the point of them wanting to 'come up the side of my head'. The one time someone actually did, I deserved it, and realized it. We later became pretty tight. Most of the other times I just backed off and chalked it up to my posing more of a threat to that person's beliefs than I realized (ex. wearing a denim jack with a peace symbol on the back to a class where many of the students were in some way involved with the criminal justice system - early '70's). So I'd have to say, a lot would depend on the situation. In some situations, OK ... in others, No Way.

Regarding the rip-off bit: it's OK either way ... if you"re a corporation ... that wonderful institution that until lately made you, as a person, immune from penalties, immune from having to act responsibly toward society.

And, the best saved for last: Although I occassionally used a crack on the butt to let my kids know that I did not approve of their behavior, it was seldom enough to get the message across - Dad's really pissed about what I just did. And one time I even bit my daughter after she had bitten her older brother - just hard enough to let her know what he had felt. To the best of my knowledge, she never did it again, even a couple of years later, with her younger brother who could really tick her off.

And although I know that among some people, I'm thinking of the Lakota who were horrified to see the Whites 'treat their children like dogs' and the Inuit who, to the best of my knowledge, never raised a hand in anger toward another 'man' (the only 'men' were those who could survive the harsh conditions of the North - certainly not the Whites), I also know that times have changed and that the tribes, for the most part, do not practice the old ways.

Damn, I'm glad I had my morning cup of coffee before going on line, and I hope I did get your point and wasn't too long-winded.

PS Sorry, Discord5. I sent the above before checking if someone had joined in. As you may have gathered, I don't learn too well - just have gotten more circumspect over the years.
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I remember when I was about four or five years old and I told my mother that I hated her. I can't even remember why I would say such a thing, although I know that I really had no good reason to do so. Anyway, she told me that she hated me as well. I started to cry of course and told her that it felt pretty rotten that she said that. She told me (not sarcastically, but quite nicely) that that's how she had felt when I said it. That point stuck quite well.

To this day, I try to answer like with like, although at the same time I try as I might (succeeding so far) to not enter into any physical altercations. 'Course, I got spanked as well, altho I don't think I will do that when I have kids. But, I don't have kids, so I'm not necessarily qualified I guess to answer on that point.

Hope this comes across as agreeing with Chagur and ripleofdeath, because that's how it's intended.
Hi, prag

Really agree with your point 'I try to answer like with like' after thirty two years in Corrections, thirteen as an Officer. It's amazing how quickly the attitude is picked up, and in a lot of cases, respected by the population. The thing I couldn't understand why so many Officers had a difficult time with it.

the mirror is a mighty teacher!
as with the video camera for the sports person!

so who's gunna start taking it to the big business? re-
like with like...?

anyone got a spare nuke submerine i could borrow for a week or so? :D ohhhhh and a crew would be great :D

the saddest trueth in my opinion is that if people voted with their money thats all it would take but the modern person is soo feeble minded these days!

groove on all :)
Why is everyone mad?

Well at least I am not mad, sad, I am happy ! Thanks to Jesus! And feeling fine!:)
So don't be mad, things don't always go your way nor mine, but be happy!:D
Why is everyone mad? Well, as far as traffic goes, a friend of mine known as "The Big Redelfski" likens traffic to a line of grade-school students. Remember standing in line for lunch and having someone try to cut in front of you for a big taste of those yummy chicken-salad sandwiches? It didn't matter if you liked what was on the menu or not. The rule was "No cuts". It's like these people haven't grown up. I get rude looks when I dare let someone get in front of me during a merge. Uh, the rule is "Every other car", people, not "Try to jam in as close as you can to the guy in front of you and create a moving wall of vehicle".

On the broader spectrum, I don't think enough people have been taught that they are part of a larger whole, whether it be a family, a neighborhood, or a pack of traffic. Somewhere they learned only instant and personal gratification. "You cut me off. I am angry at you. I will flip you off and that will make things better." It's like they genuinely believe that the matter will now end right there. There are other parts to the equation, both before and after the incident. The parts after the incident are obvious. You have no way of knowing what the other person is going to do when it's their turn.

But to look at things before the incident, one has to get used to looking at the bigger picture. I still grumble on the road when somebody does something stupid. It's a natural reaction. But as long as they haven't put my safety in jeopardy, I ask myself if it's really that big a deal. Okay, so he cut me off. We didn't collide. I mumble and call him a jerk under my breath as I recover and drive on.

I'm not innocent of blowing my top. My emotions get the better of me from time to time, and I'm not particularly fond of it. When that happens, I hear the voice of a teacher of mine from years back, Mrs. Stella Deebles. Whenever I would get into a fight at school she would bail me out and then ask not why I was fighting, but rather "Was there another way you could have handled that?" She was very non-judgemental, and from that I learned that I couldn't help getting angry, but I had the option to control my actions.

Perhaps that is something we can teach the upcoming generations, that this isn't a video game where you interact with emotionless programs and just punch "reset" when it's not going your way. Maybe we can teach them to ask themselves "Is it really that big a deal?" and "Is there another way I can handle this?"
some_guy01 said:
does anyone notice how rude and mean people are in general nowdays. its crazy i was driving the other day and some lady cut off some guy (not intensionally from what i saw) and he got out of his vehicle in stopped traffic walked up to the woman's car fliped her off and cussed at her. then casually walked back and got into his car. whats up with this? where are these people getting these ideas that people actually cut them off and bump into them purposely. does anyone have an idea???

What are you comparing today's rude and mean people to? Did the two drivers challenge each other to a duel or soemthing?