Why In A Bathroom?

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Why do so many homosexuals think of a bathroom as a great place to meat other homosexuals?

How would a trend like this get started?

For myself just the smell of fecal matter alone would be a complete turn off.

Most of the time these people are on drugs, most of the time they are NOT even gay.
Because if you are trying to pick up men, wouldn't the best spot be where only men are? There aren't going to be any small boys in there alone late at night. Its also kinda risque which adds to the excitement.

Straight couples go at it in bar bathrooms...
bisexual then.

I think it is more a question of availability (need it fast) and drugs or alcohol, not all the time though. Many are married and do not normally display any desire to do this under usual circumstances.

Pee wee (oh how i miss pee wee)
George Michael

Dont fit my theory, but nothing is perfect.
Nobody considers a bathroom a good place to meet other people.

Willy is trolling again.
Ill just hope you said "meat" as a pun....but I doubt it.

Any out of the closet homosexual wont use a bathroom to "hook up" people who do this are usually ashamed of what they are doing. I would imagine most gay people who want to hook up with other gay people go to i dont know..a gay bar?
Nobody considers a bathroom a good place to meet other people.

Robo-toilets proposed to stop 'gay' cruising
Mayor: 'Homosexuals ... engaging in sex, anonymous sex, illegal sex'
July 7, 2007

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle says his city has a problem with "homosexual activity" in public restrooms and he has a plan to stop it – robotic toilets that allow occupants to stay inside for only a short time before the door automatically opens.

"We're trying to provide a family environment where people can take their children who need to use the bathroom without having to worry about a couple of men in there engaged in a sex act," Naugle told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The $250,000 self-cleaning robo-johns have been installed in San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta and New York. The modular units play music and can be accessed for a fee or for free, depending on each city's policies.

Public restrooms are pickup places for "homosexuals. ... They're engaging in sex, anonymous sex, illegal sex," he said.

Naugle said the proposed location for the city's first experimental unit is "the rainbow parking lot" at a local beach considered by some to be the area's "gay beach."

The blessed aroma of fecal matter and associated discharges (urine, blood, etc.) create a soothing and often heartwarming atmosphere reminiscent of the conjugal bliss of sodomy. Enshrouded in the misty atmosphere thus provided, the activities thereby take on a viscerally affecting charm, transcending the mere mechanical bliss of the acts.

Think of it as a meme.
Right now here in America, the issue of homosexual bathroom sex is all over the news.

No, it really isn't, you strange little man.

For myself just the smell of fecal matter alone would be a complete turn off.

I guess if you have no sense of how to clean. Then again, given your ethical failings, hygenic lapses wouldn't be surprising.

How would a trend like this get started?

Same reason I nearly got rousted out of a boat launch while trying to get it on with a boy: you have relative quiet and privacy.
Harder to whip out the old jingle jangle in any other public place, without comment. Of course, MUST avoid tapping foot lewdly.
Nobody considers a bathroom a good place to meet other people.

Public sex, especially sex in public toilets or "tearooms", has always been controversial, even within the gay community. Virtually without exception, bathroom sex is male masturbatory or male homosexual in character, a vestige perhaps of the male's greater sex drive.

There are many reasons why a man would want to have sex in a public rest-room. To some gay men or boys, tearoom sex is a step in the coming out process; a relatively easy way for them to discover the joys of male love before moving on to gay social networks, commercial institutions, or even a lover.

Gay men and boys who use tearooms as a way to come to terms with their homosexuality do so for the short-run. For other men, tearoom trade is their main or only form of sexual expression. Many of these are classic "closet cases": men who can not or will not accept their homosexuality.

For them, a quickie in a toilet satisfies their sex needs but does not require them to be publicly "branded" as queer, which would be the case if they went to a gay bar, sex club, community center, etc. Toilet sex is also popular with men who live in rural areas or small towns, where there are no gay communities; men who live with their parents, heterosexual spouses, or children who might not understand; or heterosexual men who are just plain horny.

Lastly, and this is most controversial, bathroom sex is popular with many "out and proud" gay men who enjoy the adventure, the thrill, and even the dangers involved. These men, and not the closet cases, are the ones who write the articles, guide books and web sites that tell their brothers - and the cops and the press - which parks and tearooms are cruisy.

So basically you're answering your own question?
Wouldn't it have been far, far better to just ask yourself and then look it up?
As opposed to trolling, y'know.
Right now here in America, the issue of homosexual bathroom sex is all over the news.


The J Man provides the following astute analysis:

29 August 2007: Amid speculation he might resign, Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, told reporters at a news conference in Boise he regretted pleading guilty to a charge stemming from his arrest during an investigation of lewd conduct at a Minneapolis airport bathroom. Craig, 62, steadfastly denied rumors that have arisen throughout 27 years in Congress that he is homosexual. "Let me be clear," he said, "I am not gay. I never have been gay."

OK. So Larry Craig, the Idaho senator who trolls airport shitters for oral sex, is not *gay.* I can believe that. A 62 year old man who still has a lust for aberrant, risky sex is certainly not *gay.* He is not *merry* or *happy.* At bottom, at the bottom of his toilet stall desires, he is in despair. He is not *gay.*

Something is missing in this man’s life that he insanely seeks to find in a stranger’s mouth or penis in an airport shitter. He is missing the meaning of his life, for it is only meaning that can withhold the burnings of the flesh.

The Ecclesiaste:

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

This is the meaning of life, and it has been lost for centuries. . .no one in our Age even considers this as a possibility, anymore. . .hence, the derangement of the world.

If Larry Craig doesn’t fear God, and doesn’t keep His commandments, then it is only natural Larry Craig would be lead by his burning flesh into airport shitter sexcapades.

I can believe Larry Craig when he says *I never have been gay.* This is a fellow who has most likely been sexually troubled all his life. . .a not uncommon disorder, it must be noted. Larry Craig, like most of us, is *troubled,* not *gay.*

Of course, this is not what Senator Craig means when he says he is not *gay.* He means to say he is not homosexual. I can believe this, also. At the very least, the Senator is bisexual. . .and who knows, maybe in his heart of hearts, he wants to be a woman. . .maybe he is a *transsexual?* But at the very least, the Senator is bisexual.

This is a growing disorder of the Age. . .Bisexualism. It would better simply be called *Sexualism.* The disorder has been around ever since Adam and Eve first noticed each other’s genitals. . .but in our present übersexual state, where the culture grossly sexualizes every aspect of life, there is less resistance to the disorder. And the disorder blossoms at earlier and earlier ages. . .it is commonplace now to read about 5, 6, 7 year old children raping and fornicating on school buses, in classrooms, on playgrounds, in teachers’ houses, etc. And the disorder seems never to abate. . .it is a life-long malady. Hence we have the tragicomic spectacle of a grandfatherly Senator tapping his foot in an airport shitter stall, signaling his burning desire for oral gratification.

There is the predictable call for the Senator to resign. Already the great pious pseudo-Christian Mitt Romney has *distanced* himself from the reprobate, who had been one of his supporters and his Senate liaison. . .

Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

I always laugh when the call is made for the public sinner to resign. . .if we all had to quit work every time we sinned, well. . .nothing much would ever get done, would it? As always, the greatest sin is being caught. The merciless would say the Senator is in a *unique* situation. He serves as one of the nation’s leaders, and must be held to a higher standard, blah, blah, blah. . .this is nonsense, of course.

In the public realm, Senator Larry Craig’s airport shitter frolick is a mere piddling sin (personally, for the Senator, it is certainly no small matter. . .he must live a life of constant inner turmoil, no cease from the cravings for sexual gratification, an unending battle, an unending LOSING battle with the flesh. . .he lives a life of defeat, punctuated with brief moments of euphoria, stolen here and there in the various rest stops, shitters and other *gay* cruising spots).

I have to laugh: Media will spend more time examining the shitters visited by Larry Craig than they spent examining BushCo’s claims for the Iraq war. There is no discussion by Media of the morality of the Iraq war, yet the airport shitter sins of Larry Craig will be beat to death.

As a matter of NATIONAL interest, Larry Craig’s toilet stall romances are of no consequence. . .hundreds of thousands are slaughtered in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Media never questions the morality. . .only the tactics, only the tactics for achieving some kind of positive gain for Amerika.

Larry Craig in the shitter: Media once again strains at a gnat while swallowing a camel.

We also see evidence of the manipulations and distortions of Media: Media is the chief promoter of the gross sexualization of the culture. . .yet Media reflects a puritanical reality that does not exist when fixating on these sex scandals. . .the reality of the grossly sexualized culture prohibits any type of sex scandal. . .who is left to be scandalized in a Lindsay Lohan culture?

Source: http://thejmantimes.blogspot.com/
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