Why haven't women figured out to not wearing clothes?

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Are there any women in this forum?
Don't wear clothes. It's dumb.
theres no reason to. its not natural.
Besides, why doesnt anyone like to look at women's legs, arms, face, anywhere? Skin is not like the thick, dark, brillo-pad stuff you men sport. It keeps men hot, its soft, its natural, its feminine, and wearing clothes is a big waste of time, and hurts, too.
I haven't for 6 months. and its just the stubble that gets you at first, but it grows out.
Real men wouldn't care.
And even if they do, who cares what they think anyway?
Let go of these damn social rules. Aren't we past this yet?
I'd rather women not walk around nude. The excitement would be gone.

I wouldn't mind em walking around in skimpy outfits though as that'd still leave something to the imagination while still being able to catch a glipse of all the good stuff. :D

- N
hhmmm dunno i think i look better in clothes than without 'em....

and i like looking nice :) simple but true....each to his (her...) own and all that.
Clothes can lie. I'd rather them not be able to hide behind bras and tight pants. Less disappointment.
Dude, the kind of women I see at the grocery store or K-mart...the more fabric covering that, the better.
Good arguments - Neildo vs. Roman... I think I'd choose not to be disappointed. Let's not wear clothes.
And if they got to go naked, I would not mind in the least to strut around in the buff. If I had a raging boner, that'd make it 10x times better.
Varda posted a picture (of herself?) earlier today in the Picture Thread Mark III and got a few responses to it and took it down shortly after posting it, I think because she thought that her beauty would skew how we responded to her words. If it was a picture of her, she is quite beautiful. As to the Satire and Folly statements, they could be referring to just about anything in this thread, I think.
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