Why EU's decimal point is comma?


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3,00 is 3 point zero zero? UK/US is 3.00, mean Three.

EU point is thousand separator.
You write a cheque, 3 thousand Euro €, numeric is 3.000, means 3 thousand, not three.
This can be confusing.
I thought that, officially, there were not supposed to be thousands separators in the decimal system. Possibly spaces are allowed as separators. So, a number like 123456,78 is correctly formatted, and so is 123 456,78

I think the French invented the notation, and they still do it this way.

I haven't heard of dots being used to separate thousands like this: 123.456,78. I guess it's no more confusing than doing it the other way around.

In the UK, US, Australia and lots of other places, the decimal point is used instead of the decimal comma: 123456.78. It is not uncommon to use the comma as a thousands separator, too: 123,456.78

There is, as you say, some potential for confusion if people are not aware of the different conventions used in different countries.
In Malaysia, we write 123,456.78,
mean one hundred and twenty three thousand four hundred fifty six point seven eight.
Usually when writing cheque,
we use comma as thousand seperator for easier reading, e.g. 150,000.00
we add ".00" to prevent people amend the cheque's number. :smile: