why don't you make this site exosci.com back to what it used to be like

1) There's no money in internet content at the moment.
2) I am a student with barely enough time for my own studies.
3) Content is an uninteresting place to be. A monkey can do content (eg. space.com).
4) "news" sites these days are nothing more than link lists to BBC News / Yahoo / MSNBC. It's all very boring.
but we are he ones that gonna writethe news

same as it goes in that science.box.sk site
orlike wha it used to be here.
you or a moderator only needa aprove it.

Why would you ever want to forget AUFORA?

I remember that website fondly...I could always impress my friends by showing them where I got my information. :)

Ahh, to be young again...;)
exosci.com tried the user-submission model for a while, but ultimately I received so few submissions that it clearly wasn't working. In the end I posted maybe 2 or 3 stories from users over a period of months.

Also, there's nothing stopping you from posting news to the forums. If there were sufficient volume I would create a dedicated news forum -- but that hasn't been the case thus far.

I should also mention that I am pondering some automated news gathering solutions (as I have been for a while), but implementation is not happening at the moment and is certainly many months away.
hmm.. yes, AUFORA was from the days of my carefree youth. Who could have imagined a bunch of antisocial kids could make any impact on the world. That was back in the day when UFOlogy was one of the few killer apps on the web (even before porn!). I remember the day Microsoft featured us on their website -- I was justifiably thrilled. :)
The very first thing that brought me to Sciforums was the news articles. All up-to-date and with new stuff every day. At the time I was hunting for imformation for posting in another forum. However, after managing to find my way to the forums, and for me that was a task I became enamored with the forum itself. I do try to be a fixture as much as possible.

While it is great to read the news, someone has to input it. All the dull hunting and typing for someone. Not to mention the time involved to put it into useable form. This is manual drudgery for the unluckly soul. So while I enjoyed the news I always knew that it was from someone elses labors that it was possible.

I would love to see news back on the site. If it was automated or linked news, that would be fine. It also gives the readers and posters a starting place or news for initiating posts.

...and Dave, thanks for many fine hours of posting and reading pleasure.