Who built the Pyramids?

DwayneD.L.Rabon said:
Well so the though goes that the prymids where constructed to allow the people to gain some health by harnesting the magnetic feild.


Can you use the "Quote" button to show us what you are talking about?
How does a magnetic field offer one "health" (what are the citations to support such nonsense) and what is the evidence that the Egyptians were aware of magnetic fields?

Rabon, you make no sense and the only evidence we see for you alleged "genius" is your word. If you truly are of high "IQ," then it is only evidence that the so-called smart people among us are just as susceptible to magical thinking and sensationalism as the rest of humanity.
DwayneD.L.Rabon said:
To begin with i find that the the earth had a magnetic pole reversal about 8,000 years ago, and that this event was world changing, disrupting human celluar proccess.

Poppycock. Where's the evidence that a pole reversal had any effect at all on faunal life, much less disruptions of the "human cellu[l]ar process."

DwayneD.L.Rabon said:
Because after a magnetic pole reversal it takes time for the magnetic feild to penetrate the earths crust, this makes survial of such a group likly only at the equator where there is a unifed remaint feild,

More poppycock. Evidence?

DwayneD.L.Rabon said:
As the humans surving the magnetic pole reversal had a difficulty with cell division and growth

Poppycock. Evidence?

DwayneD.L.Rabon said:
as the magnetic feild was still in the earth, they would dig into the earth, they would dig into the earth where the magnetic feild was strongest.

Poppycock. Evidence?

DwayneD.L.Rabon said:
As the magnetic feild got stronger at the surface they followed the magnetic feild and built structures on top of the location/ magnetic pole. it is here that they where able to grow with some stabiltiy. As the magnetic pole moved they would move with the magnetic pole.

Poppycock. Evdidence?

DwayneD.L.Rabon said:
Under the events the magnetic pole arrived in east africa, and travel up the red sea region, this probabbly lifted this region of africa out of the sea, resulting in the middle east and sharah, the surviors reaching this area began to build prymid structures to harnest the effects of the magnetic feild,

This doesn't even rise to the level of poppycock.

DwayneD.L.Rabon said:
What i find is that it is most lilky that the first builders where some where in south asia, and this location is most likly Ankor Wat, from Ankor Wat they migrated to Africa.


DwayneD.L.Rabon said:
Lastly i am not asking you to belive, i know its hard for some to understand,

Oh, it's easy to understand. You're a mystery-monger and a sensationalist-junkie. You live in a fantasy world. But none of your nonsense holds up. Indeed, there exists evidence to the contrary of much of it. There's not a single bit of evidence to support the notion that pole reversals affect faunal life. No mass extinctions, no correlations of anything to suggest that a pole reversal did anything but switch poles. You're full of shit, Rabon, but it's clear that you believe it yourself, so knock yourself out.
DwayneD.L.Rabon said:
Yeah it amzaing how you misspell common sense, sas for slander your the one who began with the slander following my post around the fourm, like a stalker, thats exactly why i think your a little weird.
i don't think you know event the slights symptoms of a diease,

from what i see your good at nothing but running your mouth. your a person that likes to solicit by negivtive input. you probally have a very boring life, and sit and day dream all day.

really simply just dont respond to me in the forum it really easy, if you can not do it by your self all you have to do is push the ignore button.

And yes dummy i have a very high I.Q. as well a exstensive memory to go with it, I am not limited to just a I.Q.

you on the other hand seem to want to have conversation with me, and your really stupid. i read one of your post that said you where a marine biologist, does that mean you play with seaweed, really i doubt that there is much that i can talk to you about so the conversation is useless, as you assume your intelligence is the grandur of the two of us. so theres nothing you can learn from a conversation with me because you know it already. Ok figure it out.

I figure this to be a joke. But if not, I really feel sorry for you kid. You're delusional and really must hate the English language with a passion. I don't believe it deserves such harsh abuse. Could I ask if you know the meaning of the letters I & Q? Humor a girl.
Just a side note: If CIA is so smart, why everybody and their brother are stealing our technology and why we have a two billion dollar per day deficit while the poor are growing from 5% to 25% in 30 years?

How come we (including UoC) can not even design/develop a blue-ray video disc or a crystal recording device using Indigo laser?
quelquechosedautre said:

Why is it that people never realise HOW advanced science is

A big problem for JK ROwling is that many of her MAGIC ITEMS are now a reality.
For instance, the Japanese have ACTUALLY developed the COAT OF INVISIBILTY. It cost them about 1 to 2million Dollars.
Like wise, within a year or two, the University of Conecticut will have a fully operational TIME MACHINE. Various physicists have laughted at it, yet upon visiting it, they have been forsed to admit that it could work. The concept is ingenious. Light ALWAYS travels at 186,000 miles per second. BUT they have developed a type of particle that stick to photons like Velcro. Just like a line of empty coal trucks having coal poured into them from above, the photons much slow up to conserve momentum when these particle strap themselves onto them. For relativity to balance, the time around the photons with the ton of Velcro particles attached warps in the same proportion. Now put a heavy magnetic force onto the photons and they will go into a spiral, ie a ring laser. Now the tube of space down the axis of these poor photons carrying the ton of velcro particles like a lame Spanish donkey cause the entire time in the central tube to slow up. By 2002, they had slowed the speed of light down the ring laser from 186,000 miles persecond to just 62 MILES PER HOUR. Then the did some even more smart stuff. There are partiicles with complex and negative masses. When attached like velcro to light it actually speeds up warping time in the tube to go backwards. By 2003,. they had brought photons to a TOTAL STANDSTILL, time in effect at standstill down the axis. By l;ate 2004. they fired a beam of light down the core axis and it arrived one millionth of a second BEFORE it was fired. Stick in a few thousand Mev and a big enough tunnel and by mid-late 2006, it should be possible to carry people into the past or the University of Connecticut.

More curiously, after initial success, the UoC suddenly had it funding cancelled. Upon investigation, thewy found that it had appartanly been done so upon the instruction of the CIA, But they have now secured private funding. It is rumoured that the CIA is way ahead of the game that the UoC and already have a fully functioning time machine from a couple of years ago.

I'm not entirely convinced about some of your statements here, admittedly you'll probably complain about the age old request for evidence but thats purely because it's asked for alot of the time when things need to be proven.

For instance the M.I.T. experiment that was originally used to "slow" a photon down was used to attempt to measure if a photon at rest had mass. It didn't involve any "velcro" like particles, but the manipulation of spacetime along the path the photon would follow. (that means a "soup" of radiological matrices)

In fact the experiment results even suggested that there was no mass at rest, in fact to me (my theory) it suggests that photons themselves aren't particles but are actually universal distortions or moving spacial folds.

Any use of electromagnetics to distort a photon, aren't having a direct relationship with a photon, mearly the atmosphere/Spacetime that the photon travels through.

Also note that the speed of light isn't actually slowed, the only thing thats slowed is the relative perception. (Relativity Theory should cover that)

As for Government intervention of any such projects, You just have to indentify certain points about the systems use. For instance the problems it could cause if used with the stock market, or large bets based upon random events, Or how about the trouble caused by someone that was upset at a key leaders assassination in the past or upset that a powerful figure ever came into being?

Such equipment could lead to attrocities being committed against a country or people that might be an enemy now, that might never have become an enemy in the past if they hadn't of been interacted with based upon "current affairs".

What if the Madness of King George had been created by such manipulators of time, and the US war of Independence had been lost by the Americans? How would the world change?

What if someone used such equipment to plant a bomb at some government convention in the past etc?

These are all very bizarre possibilities/conspiracy theories, however they provide a clue over how Economics, Ethics, Law and Religion could be mis-shaped by mis-use of such equipment.
slaves built the pyramids, with A frames rollers and whip power it took years its not impossible give me 10000 men and some whips and ile show you how its done. with there blood sweat and tears.
Stryder, is it possible to split off the nonsense about time travel into its own thread? Obviously this is another topic entirely and should, perhaps, have a place in the Science Fiction subforum.
Can’t say for sure who built the Pyramids – Yea right as if they exist at all – but I’ve heard it said that it was a strange alien race called…..E………Eh……..Ehyptians or something like that.
Freaky stuff man.

I always knew those people weren’t human. They talk funny and smell funny too.
And what’s up with those clothes?
I would put the "time travel" aspects into another thread however they do have a need to be preportion of this topic purely because some people think the pyramids were created because of time travel (not I personally, I think if timetravel was proven to be possible there would be some serious lockdowns on the architypes of people that could use it, otherwise dodgy cult groups would be setting up their "revelations".)

The fact is that for those people to realise that the pyramids were build by people of the time without interaction (or the need of interaction) by Timetravellers, Aliens, Spirits, Deities or supercomputers, you have to allow the pseudoscientific conclusions to be drawn and then proven to be wrong.

It is known that Slaves were not used, Afterall there are depictions of how they were built in both Hieroglyphics and pictograms to which I don't believe there was ever any depictions of chain-gangs or slavery.
I'd say a more interesting argument would be the Sphinx.
Thanks to erosion research, it apparently has to date from around 8500 BC (or more).
No big signs of civilization then. :p
Anyway, for some people interested in this, I suggest reading the books written by
Erich von Daniken. Warning: a lot of it is pure speculation and guessing though.
Dascu said:
I'd say a more interesting argument would be the Sphinx.
Thanks to erosion research, it apparently has to date from around 8500 BC (or more).

No one has found high technology that dates back to 8500+ BC. The carbon dating may not be reliable for periods less than say 1 million years due to contamination with the environment. If there were Steel or Carbide tools then, that must have been oxidized by now.

Even if there was a decent agrarian society 10K BC that built the Sphinx, well then that does not prove alien influence. But, since Roswell incidents were real to the locals...who knows what happened then....

No, proof...just speculation. But I wish somebody dig up below the paws of Sphinx to see once for all, if we have Atlantis technology or not (as per Edgar Cayce).
There is no atlantis. It existed only in the dialogs of Plato. The Sphinx very clearly dates to the Fourth Dynasty. Indeed, the thing even bears a close resemblance to Khafre, whose pyramid the Sphinx sits at the end of the causeway to the Valley Temple to.

I'd like Dascu to actually describe for us "erosional research" and how it dates the Sphinx to 8500 BCE -a time when Neolithic peoples were just beginning to work with agriculture and mudbrick, but were not yet working in monumental architecture. Nor did their society warrant such devotions to the elite at that point. And to suggest that one reads von Däniken for anything scholarly would be akin to suggesting a reading of J.K. Rowling to learn about modern science.
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Rethinking the Sphinx: After years of fighting the critics of his controversial theory on the age of the Great Sphinx, John Anthony West wants them to join him.
Come on, kmguru, you're better than simply posting a pretty picture and a link. What about West's idea(s) is(are) significant to you? This is a discussion forum, not a picture/link site. By the way, I'm fairly well read on the speculations of West and Schoch (as well as Bauval and others).
I don't. But there is no evidence to suggest there was and much evidence to suggest that it was a fiction of Plato, used in his dialogs like many of his other allegories and fictions. Moreover, the mythos of Atlantis, created by those that followed (as in came after) Plato implies that there was some "advanced civilization" in a time in which humanity was still in a stone-age.

It's an extraordinary claim whose evidence isn't even mundane.
Words are used to convey meaning. Rather than using a named place called !@#$ that had superior technology, perhaps Edgar Cayce used Atlatis to provide a meaning. It is no different than if we are discussing a higher intelligence being as Vorlon like, people would understand what we are talking about. People who watch sci-fi shows that is...