Who Am I: Round 4

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I live in America - specifically, in a state of being. :D

Well, I dont have much taste for science. I tend to gravitate around Politics, History, Free Thoughts, About the Members, and the Cesspool.

Well, I think she's intelligent, although I can't stand her unrelenting hatred for America. I am fervently patriotic, and I often clash with her. She can't seem to accept that it is possible America is not 100% evil.

anti-SAM. well i can think of quite a few people that fit that description. Possibly SuperString01. Or... well i cannot think of anyone else.

Are you still in school?
It would be quite the diversionary tactic. You, me, and Simon were the big posters in the aforementioned thread. Others popped in and out, but the only two currently active ones besides us three were John99 and Orleander. Unless we have a visit from someone that hasn't been around in a while, the options are limited to 3. You, Orleander, and John99. I can't be "it" because I have recently been "it", and that goes against logic, although there is no rule against it. Simon can't be it, because I called that already. One_Raven and SAM have both been "it" recently. Let's hear it from the sock. Are you tim840?
I am indeed Tim840.

I was trying to throw everyone off by using proper capitalization and punctuation, as well as avoiding elipses and "hmm"

you got me!
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