Whem a strange idea was almost certainly stolen

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So yeah, the scientist who published work saying our universe came from a nano scale crystal structure, I'm sure he was influenced from my writings. Whether or not the model was taken from my quora page, I remember clearly mentioning this as a third phase state of the universe from a pre big bang phase from the moniker https://www.scienceforums.com/profile/94080-dubbelosix/. I concluded, that if there was a pre big bang phase, then it had to come from a condensate and while speculative further, if the classical laws held, this condensed all-matter phase could have came from a more fundamental "quantum crystal structure." This is just a barrel consequence of the model chosen under condensed matter physics, known as phases of matter. If the pre big bang phase was a liquid all matter region, then the phase it came from would have been known as a crystal solid. The mesophase of the "liquid crystal' was an idea I postulated from genuine work and I feel there is more than a chance this scientist has come across my stipulations and tried to make it an independent work. There is one main reason I think this, I never made a mathematical model for the crystal form of the universe because it already relies on a strange concept of a previous big bang phase, so convincing anyone this is really what happened seemed so unconvincing that I left it as a curious footnote. (1) I'll post a reference to the mesophase liquid crystal phase soon.

My work,the semi classical Friedmann eq. And pre big bang phase


The recently published" Independent" model

this condensed all-matter phase could have came from a more fundamental "quantum crystal structure."

there was a ball of plasma idea(among others)
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