What's on your iPod?

what teardrops?

why is this chick famous? she conveys not a hint of depth in her songs; not a single one. it's like a fake, stereotypical, mindnumbingly boring chick flick. what is there to relate to?

better. actually it's very beautiful.

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sarah mclachlan has a lovely soul. she is an angel herself.

there is such deep pain behind her songs that it literally hits the worst pain nerve of the heart. the total darkness of believing that you have lost your soul and heart itself because your loved one is gone. total dark hell. i am so glad of the spiritual enlightenment of the new age that conveys that nothing ever is truly lost and even if they are not physically with you. she conveys the haunting loss that develops from a love that was forged through hard times in a cold world and they were eachother's only source of true compassion, sincerity, trust and care. no one should have to live in such a type of cold and lonely world. it's like biting wind and tears. i think the world has raised it's vibrations/compassion/love/happiness and standard of living to the point people don't have to worry about their loved one suffering so abjectly in today's society than it was in past lives. it's as if her songs echo lifetimes of a series of witnessing suffering of her loved ones like she is an old soul. it isn't so much losing your loved one that is the most painful but your loved one being mistreated or suffering or without love because you were that only source in a cold world. when people are kind and civil to another, they are being kind/passing unconditional agape love to someone's child in the world where a worrying mother may have passed and can no longer be there for that child.

the higher octave of love is based on compassion, tenderness and care.
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i used to absolutely love the duo of mase and pdiddy before mase became a 'true' born-again christian. i used to rock their particular soundtracks all the time. they were just so perfectly dynamic and smooth together. some of my tastes are those that guys usually like. lol

Its the beat/instrumental not so much the lyrics that i care about but some of it is dope...broken glass ....everywhere..

Music is the language of the soul..

I had an ex-bf that actually broke up with me to a green day song. He was desperately trying to find a way to break up without hurting my feelings. What he didnt realize was that i was reading his mind the whole time and saw it coming long before. I found letters he attempted to write (along with rough drafts) in a desk drawer; whether he placed them there to be found i do not know but it was kinda cute. It was somewhat amusing to witness him squirm a bit. I was not hurt as i knew it was well time anyways. He kept playing this song with the 'look' and it was september. it was hilarious as i was over him already - totally. When i'm over someone because i dislike them (no love lost), its cut out with surgical precision with no bs strings attached.

I love freedom so much. You can breathe.. Freedom is my infatuation and drug of choice. I love it so much, its revered and put on a pedestal in my world..

Im in love with it..seriously..

Anyone trying to have control over me or smother me is a serious threat in my world..

Have people discovered this freaking amazing thing called freedom?

Holy shit its awesome!! I never want it to leave me..

Thank you to all the champions and fallen heroes who have fought for freedom for every individual and the right to life, liberty and happiness..

Roar and chant freedom for all from the rooftops!! Lmao
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great music is timeless, isn't it? like the genius of jimi hendrix, the timeless sample of david bowie, the police and the b.i.g. i call his sample delirium (the good kind).

this is a beautiful song. they do make great music.

the lyrics are so relatable.
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Hey I'm old but have been listening to psychedelic and stoner metal. Good stuff. Tired of hearing all the old stuff. Witch, Red Fang, Truckfighters, Deaf Radio, stuff like that.

they are so humble. that is still one of my favorite duets i've heard. that little girl sure did know quality when she heard it. a whole new world by aladdin is such a beautiful song and this duet is better than the original imo. his voice is just dreamy.

korea rocks. korea sandwiched between china and japan was a pressure cooker and is more dynamic culturally and they are the coolest between the two. korean men and women are also known to be some of the most attractive and they got real mojo. korean stars, cuisine and their own brand/twist on modern culture is very popular today. they are hard-working, determined and upwardly mobile. whether it's genetics or culture or a combination, koreans are a strong and beautiful people.

i admire how koreans have such strength and conviction for such a small country. aka underdogs who shine nonetheless. imagine if they had more land? they have such hope, inspiration and never give up. they should be proud of their country and culture with all the hell they endure being the country that had to fight for their identity between china and japan. koreans are amazing. when you are in korea, besides the hearting, the fist pump along with 'fighting' is a common social meme, even among women. it's very cute and inspiring in how they keep looking up no matter what. these people have beautiful inner strength and determination to succeed. well, of course, they are not the only ones but i'm giving them due credit.

the lyrics are just beautiful and inspirational. this song is so excellent, it could replace their national anthem.

I'll always believe in the strength that breathes in you
Your persevering appearance has awoken me
And has shown me that we can win it all

We've waited a long time for that time when we unite again
Fifty million hearts, hearts in which we carve our flag
We'll do this with you so that you won't be lonely

Please show us our rising flame,
The fighting spirit that, with our lasting love, does not give in,
So that it may ring throughout the world

We've dreamed a truly beautiful dream, protecting it with our love
Caress the ailing minds, outstretch your hands
Let us be by your side, until the day we win

Please show us our rising flame,
The fighting spirit that, with our lasting love, does not give in,
And is in everyone's hearts

We were able to know,
With an impossible amount of perspiration
That we would achieve our dreams only through our tears

Open your hearts wide, and always give your best
Please don't forget how hard we must try

I believe that, with you, our cheers
Will work miracles once more,
That the world will be ours once again
Please show us our rising flame,
The fighting spirit that, with our lasting love, does not give in,
So that it may ring throughout the world

Warriors of the nation we're proud of...

Towards victory, Korea~
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His voice just takes you to another place. Its like the quintessential prince charming. His voice is just perfect.

I missed my calling as an entertainment mogul or scout at least as i know talent, beauty, and artistic genius when i see or hear it. Just totally second-nature and without fail, the knowing immediately and appreciation of beauty in all forms.

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that's what women like; a man that is masculine but in touch with his feminine side. that way he understands and respects women, especially their feelings.

there is no such thing in korea as getting out of the two-year mandatory military service for all males and that is no joke in korea at all. that is some hardcore training every single day for males to be ready for combat at any time. it doesn't matter if they are celebrities. i think that is the right call because they are not more special or their lives more worthy than others. they must all complete it before the age of 35 in service to your country. the rules are the rules.
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