What's on your iPod?

Guitar, Guitar, Guitar

A shuffle of Yngwie Malmsteen albums: Marching Out, Rising Force, Trilogy.

Now playing, "Little Savages" (Rising Force).
My current playlist includes Aesop Rocks album 'None Shall Pass', Illogic's album 'Write to Death 2', El-P's album 'Cancer 4 Cure', Eyedea and Abilities album 'E & A' and Sage Francis 'Personal Journals'. Lately I've been in the mood for some lyrics that fire at me like an Uzi and those guys never fail to deliver with intellect in spades.

Right now, it's 'Broken Wings' by Sage Francis

Rap gets a bad reputation from the shit they choose to play on the radio. There is some mad good shit out there if you look. I keep my tastes open for all things.
I listening to DMX. WHOA...best rapper I ever heard.

Guys, check this out. Look at my avatar...I think my dad stuck the cigar in that guys mouth. I probably tell you guys that story some day.

"gonna get down real hard, bring it to the yard" DMX What???

"I'm about to bury a box wit you in it"...wow.

Honestly, for me to talk openly would cost about a million dollars other than that...It would be touch and go.

So what? I had to deal with that every night. Every night. Well, it took a toll on me. The good part is just like some kind of understadingYou know...like reality.

And try to be the same as everyone else is not really an option so it's hard to understand.
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Whooops...sorry guys that was the beer talking.:confused:

This post will be a little long and mostly personal stuff. Nothing really interesting and wanted to add to the above post to give some context.

The guys in the apartment above mine had a party and i felt my oats. My post (above) was interspersed with the lyrics from DMX's "We in here".:)

The dead mobster case:

The cigar part (in the post above) I always thought that was funny since it is an iconic pic and was on the front page of the Daily News. That is just what i heard from a crime scene investigator...who also investigated every major crime in the 1970's and 80's.

For music...since this is the music thread. I cant think of anything right now. I heard a great tune last night but cannot find it in a search.

It is a Caribbean type number and the lyrics i recall are "I am blessed, everyday, I am blessed" Does this sound familiar to you guys? It's not Mr. Vegas either. Strange that i dont recall this tune.:confused:
Cosmic: Please remember to type the name of the song and the artist separately. My Mac browser cannot open your clips, so I have no idea who you're talking about.