What will YOU do when the zombies come?

Do you have a "zombie plan", and are you male or female?

  • I am FEMALE, and I HAVE NO "zombie plan".

    Votes: 1 3.2%
  • I am FEMALE, and I HAVE a "zombie plan".

    Votes: 3 9.7%
  • I am MALE, and I HAVE NO "zombie plan".

    Votes: 6 19.4%
  • I am MALE, and I HAVE a "zombie plan".

    Votes: 21 67.7%

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Why not go for a boat instead?
Also come on, bondage store?!?! I'm thinking RE style auto shotgun. Hell you could sail along the coast, visit the occasional town or marina .... there are loads of very small islands that could be inspected and camped on for short durations. Plenty of fish and a mega-Yacht is pretty much like a floating castle. Would it be possible to commender an aircraft carrier? Make a floating city!

hey how long do these zombies last anyway? Is it like the rage virus or RE T-virus?
Sooner or later their body is bound to decompose. Just live off-shore on some carrier or cargo ship or something ne. Hopefully they have decent supply of food onboard. If everyone that comes aboard hord some food and stuff to bring onboard it could really help. Jumping on a fish trawler would be pretty smart too. Just make sure to save as many beautiful women as possible ne. Perhaps as I suggested before keeps some hot zombies for yourself (or to pimp out). Not to mention the time it takes for these zombies kept in captivity before they decompose could me a good guage to determine when it might be safe again to go back on land. Hence keep some as experimental subjects. Just don't be dumb enough to let them go or get bitten by them.
I think some zombies don't rot. Like the ones that craw out of the grave Thriller Style. Sure if they're a little rotten to start with ... but they're not a virus-induced Zombie - more a Hell-is-Full-the-Dead-will-Walk-the-Earth sort of Zombie.

They're undead and just keep going - I think? So, if one were relatively still fresh I'd think they'd kind of stay in a state of normal non-rotting flesh?

In a situation like this a very quite person would have zero to no chance of getting out of a city alive. Really quite people will be taken as Zombies and just gunned down to be on the safe side. But too loud and proud and you'll draw attention to yourself .. a bit of conundrum we have her... :p

So how many different kinds of Zombies are there - which is kind the best?