What to do about Sciforums?

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I been noticing lately that the forums are kinda empty. I mean its like a ghost town. Basically about 1 thread on each forum is running?? thats shit! and I see like theres 3000 members but where the hell have they all went.

But that little side of me is conflicting with the side that wants to keep things simple and just converse with people who I understand.......technically. Not that you guys are screwed up or anything but that most of us are....different........except for me ofcoarse because I am perfect.

What do you guys think, will there ever be a happy medium??
I'm not sure what you are referring to. The posting volume on sciforums is as high as it ever has been. In fact, looking at the stats, today was the highest post-volume day ever. The last three days have seen nearly 800 posts.
<i>"I see like theres 3000 members but where the hell have they all went"</i>

We're a nomadic people, Elbaz. This is just one Oasis among many.

<i>"Not that you guys are screwed up or anything..."</i>

I think SciFred said it best...

Pssst! I'm still waiting for banshee to exit her closet and admit that she's...
I think sciforums is doing alright. I see a new, different member signed up every day. I think free thoughts has the most posts per day, or maybe religion. You're just looking at the wrong forums.

Pseudoscience is pretty cool, I wish more people would post there.
I welcome upwards of 3 to 4 members per day. Not all new members post at first. A lot of them get the lay of the land so to speak before they post and some never do post. But Sciforums has really taken on some new members since SSSF links were posted in the General Science forum.

I think it more that it is where you look for new stuff as opposed to how many are coming in to sign up.
I was reading these posts and I do agree that things are alright but I want to make them better. I dont know thats just my nature......I always fix things that arent broken, but oddly they get better sometimes.

BTW I just thought of a new idea......how about a sports forum. we could discuss issues like how the flames are smokin.

Sports is a science to isnt it?

I'm going insane. Well I'm off to shout at random pedestrians.
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