What Is Your Favorite Kind of Architecture?

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Maybe you are right about the interior, I don't really know.
I just saw the Bilbao Guggenheim, didn't like it either :)
Really old architecture, I don't care what - the older the better. I'm partial to the beaker culture forts/fortesses.
I can't believe no one mentioned Gaudi


Proofing. I like it, a lot. I guess as far as sky lines go, return to Thy Caves. No, nevermind.

On a personal note, it's like color, I guess. I've always liked storm-proof glass structures. No,

Seriously, I guess that since personal dwellings are just that, it suits the owner. Myself, A-frame, River view, nice "Deayeck", and such.
As far as large structures, Amphitheaters, good luck there...I do like the layout of St. Augustine University. No, I'm serious. That, is a well constructed locale.
Anything by Frank Ghery:


Frank Gehry is definitely extremely talented. His work on the Hotel Marques De Riscal is astonishing. Both the color and the shape bring life to the building. The undercarriage of the roof is wrapped in pink, gold and silver titanium ribbons. Its eye catching and unique.
I really like the buildings designed by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. They're unique because there isn't a single right angle anywhere in or on the building, including the floors. He uses nature inside the buildings and on top of them, so they are eco-friendly.
Buildings without right angles are becoming a popular trend. Zaha Hadid and Herzog + De Meuron have both built buildings like this.


Allianz Arena by Hezog + De Meuron


Phaneo by Zaha Hadid

Personally, I think its an awful way of doing architecture. Hadid's buildings often need to be structurally repaired. They were pouring completely new footers on Phaneo when I was there. There is no rationality or reason to building a structure this way. These architects are simply sensationalists who do these things to attract attention, not to create a sound building.
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