What Is Your Favorite Kind of Architecture?

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Cool! An architecture forum!! :)

So what's your favorite kind of architecture? Modern? Victorian? Weird?

My favorite kind is the modern one, made mostly of glass! Vancouver is full of buildings like that!



Actually, I like almost anything from 1700 AD or earlier in England, and also Québec City (Old Ville). Louisberg aussi. Ca fait aussi bien des edifices anciennes à France.
also i love tibetan buildings, but not just because of how the construction and design of the building turns out, also because of where the building is placed. the area is very important.

I wish I knew how to post photos:( Anyway, I love the old Gothic towers of Eastern Europe & Germany. I love drama in architecture. I hate modernist. Give me a blackened Czech castle anyday over a glass tube.
I love gothic architecture. There's something so beautiful about it. I can't stand that wierd glass/metal modern architecture.
I'm rather fond of structuralist architecture. But damned if I can find any good pictures.
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