What causes tinnitus that is orthostatic (caused by being upright)?


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''that gets progressively worse the longer a patient is upright. A standard MRI reveals no structural abnormalities of the brain.

Example: patient found their tinnitus was fully alleviated with a fifteen hour session of lying supine. However symptoms returned once the patient assumed the upright position, with symptoms worsening throughout the course of the day. Associated symptoms were a migraine-like headache that was not alleviated with migraine medications and muscle spasms.''

Question for a neurology test.
I have tinnitus. There is no known cure but you can prevent tinnitus. Wear hearing protection if you work in loud environments.

Head injury can cause tinnitus too.
My tinnitus is a high pitch sound. I found that if I plug my ears I can still hear the high pitch. However, it will dim when I unplug my ears .... not always but sticking my fingers in my ears seem to help.

A sudden burst of sound has no cure and has brought me to my knees sense childhood. The persistent background humm I can handle by plugging my ears with my fingers for a minute or two. The hum never goes away but it helps.