we're all suckers


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The worst cancer of all time is at an all time worst. This cancer spreads quickly and if not identified quickly is often fatal. This cancer is called ignorance.
SO much national debt and were spending billions on "uncurable" diseases. Despite the advances in technology and all that money for research cancer is at an all time high. And all those doctors making all that money with all their fancy PHD's will have no hesitation in saying it's just a coincidence that cancer is at it's highest at the same time our diets have been the worst they've ever been. Even small things like changing the salt we use, which is essentail to life, has made a big difference ever since we switched to refined salt some 25 years ago and disease got worse ever since. It just doesn't make sense for humans to be put on a planet without the natural resources to live long and healthy lives. Sure age span is at an all time high, but what is the quality of these people's lives? Never be intimidated by a doctor, the fact that he has been educated "through the sytem" just means his head has been filled with lies. There are smart people, the kind of people who can daydream and pull off 95's at school, then there are wise people, people who know the secrets to good life. It's amazing how people who think they're so smart can be so damn ignorant.