Well, it's not Greenwich here, so ....


Let us not launch the boat ...
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In the spirit of that odd Irish holiday which Americans love so well, I thought I'd mention that I'm going to go get drunk shortly.

However, it is odd. I had a strange moment this week, round about Wednesday, when I was last at work. A woman in the smoking room (a corner of the parking garage) asked me, "What are you doing this weekend?" I replied that I was probably getting drunk. To be honest, it seemed like a good answer, and I had failed to buy plane tickets to be getting drunk in Minnesota at this very hour, so I figured concert or no concert I would go out and have a few on Saturday night because that's what I had been planning to do.

Simple enough, right?

But then this woman nods, lights another smoke, and deadpans, "Yeah. But then again, you know what the Irish are known for."

I'm still grinning at that. I honestly cannot reconstruct it in any other way in my mind than this woman being utterly and thoroughly serious. Really! I've played it over more times than a healthful mind should, and I can't find the sarcasm or the humor in her delivery. I think she really believed it.

Anyway, on that strange note I'm going to go mull it over for a few rounds. Cheers, all.

--Tiassa :cool:

That Greenwich Guy is like just like a French way of saying sandwich (Earl of Sandwich). I know history pretty well!

But I never really could get into the idea of Green sandwiches, although I know that they make pretty good medicine sometimes :D

But that's really pretty disgusting when you think about it!

These days with Mad British disease and all, I have a hard enough time whenever I order a Hardees CheezBurger!........ALWAYS HOLD THE MAYO!!!!!!

Then there are those Manwiches! Hey no Way! The rest of you freaks can be cannibals if that's your thing, but leave me out of it!

So basically I'm saying that..................hmmmmm.....????

*&#!%$!%$#*!*#$&!#$ ok! So I forgot what the point was!