Well, here we are


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Let me know how everything is working. Right now, it's 4 in the morning. I'm going to bed :)


Superb job, well done.

I've experienced a number of errors so far, do you see a log of such things or would you like some error reports from us?

I assume it will take a few days to iron out initial teething troubles. Hope you have the time.

I do get an email message when there is a database error.

Right now, for some reason not caused by us, our database server is being hammered. This is why the site is responding slowly. I must run to class right now, so if things haven't improved in an hour I'll dump the database out and change servers.

Things appear to be working now, thank god :)

[update] I spoke too soon. Things are still pretty shaky. The db server is going up and down faster than .... well, think of your own witty remark

[update] everything should be working now. there was an errant process that was causing trouble. hopefully everything from now on in will be smooth.