Upgradeing NT4 to Win2000

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This isn't really a question, it's more a statement on a recent upgrade that I had to do from a NT4 system (One that had a hacker have access to it for approx: 1 year)

At first the upgrade seemed simple enough, A few things needed new drivers, but what really messed up was an error that seemed to suffer and elusive cure.

The error blocked the network protocols from being shown and from adding the printer back...

The call would say that their was a Printer Subsystem error due to lack of resources and mention about "SPOOLSV.EXE".

So Like the fiddling tweaker I am, I began to try and work out how to fix this spool problem.

First stop was Start > Settings > Control Panel Then Adminstration tools > Services Once there I turned the PRINT SPOOLER to automatic and started it.

The problems still occured, I messed with the system more and did manage to crash the entire OS for an hour or two, when I eventually repaired the OS to the before state with the Spooler error, I then realise I had missed an option.

I realised that right clicking on Print Spooler, and selecting properties and moving across to the LOG ON section, at the bottom there was a section saying ORIGINAL CONFIGURATION = DISABLED, so I Re-Enabled the Original Configuration and Viola the spooler was working in it's correct parameters.

I could load printers and change the network protocols once more.

By the list of bulletin boards I flicked through this info itself is worth it's weight in gold.
Not open for further replies.