UFOs (UAPs): Explanations?

To answer your question, I post here because this is the closest thread to one to post ufo evidence in that we have. James R actually created and named this thread as a strawman since I don't claim to know if ufos are piloted by space aliens. I remain open to learning whoever they are.
All that just to say, ''I don't know how to start a thread with a more suitable title''. Now your the one making strawman here.
Do you agree with the following Sciforums rule or not?

"H13. It is not expected that all followers of a particular belief system will be friendly and receptive to contrary beliefs. However, there is no excuse for the general disparaging of those who subscribe to a belief system that you personally find unpalatable or offensive."
Could we take this offline, say to the Feedback forum, where we can discuss site rules?

This thread is about defense of space aliens.
Magical Realist:

Don't kid yourself James. You have no concern for me.
I'm not concerned for your mental health, if that's what you mean. You sound like you're stable enough, such that you probably are able to operate in the real world without your more bizarre beliefs becoming an impediment to reality engagement. If I had to guess, I'd say you're able to compartmentalise that stuff when you have to, which is not something that every UFO nut is able to do.

Like I said, I find it a bit saddening that you want to whittle away precious time on the bullshit, but it's your life to do with as you please. The first step to change is to admit you have a problem, and you're very far from that.

You do your darnedest to try to portray me here as some stupid and gullible fool who needs to be educated on how to think properly.
Your posting record speaks for itself. Sure, I tend to point out exactly why your beliefs in the woo are stupid and gullible, to help other readers to know what to avoid. But appearing stupid and gullible is all on you, not on me. In theory, you could change. You just don't want to - or some deep emotional thing stops you.

It's a self-serving psychological projection on me of all the things you hate and loathe. I become the atoning whipping boy for all your disgust and resentment against people who manage to believe things you can't.
On the scale of things, UFO belief and belief in ghosts come in pretty low on the list of things I loathe. If I allowed myself to get really riled up every time somebody believed something stupid, I'd be in a permanent state of barely-suppressed rage, and that wouldn't be in the least bit healthy. There are oceans of stupidity and people being wrong about stuff out there in the world. One has to accept that the stupid is not going to going away any time soon, and be content to shine a light into the darkness here and there.

I'm sure I've said it before, MR, but I'll say it again. I don't hate you. I pity you, because you live in a world of nameless demons and baseless fears, when you don't have to. I've tried to help you see a way out, but you're not interested. It's a shame, but there it is.

One suspects a little jealousy here as well, as if I'm reaping rewards and pleasures that you strictly deny yourself all in the name of being rational and consistent.
I have no doubt that you enjoy immersing yourself in the bullshit. That much is evident. How much of your spare time do you spend watching pointless hours of youtube nonsense, for instance? You wouldn't do it if it didn't push your buttons. I have my own hobbies. I assure you I'm not jealous of yours.

I'm also something of a paradox for you in that being intelligent and normal I can still believe in these things without ever being convinced otherwise. That just sticks in your craw doesn't it?
Intelligent, maybe. Normal, not really. You're out there on a fringe with your beliefs - not just in terms of what you believe, but also in terms of the impressively wide range of nonsense that you buy into. There is a tension - a paradox, if you like - that's apparent between somebody who is aware of the tools he needs to engage with reality yet who refuses to use them. My feeling is that the underlying explanation is an emotional one in your case, so I'm moderately intrigued to find out what makes you tick. I'm not holding my breath on getting definitive answers, though.

In your case, the anger you display when you are led to confront the problematic aspects of your belief system does provide the clue that for you this stuff is very far from being an academic discussion.

It upsets you that I am not one of your submissive sheep to bow down to every argument you make.
Nah. There are already plenty of people who value what I have to say. I'm not looking for followers.

IOW, that I can think fine for myself without being bullied into your skeptical materialistic worldview
Bullied? Hmmm. I think it's more that you don't want to confront inconvenient truths, which is why you consider people who put those in front of you to be bullies.
You should actually accept the fact MR, that you can only ever play the "victim" card just so many times, before even people that at one time may have been sympathetic to your cause, wake up and realize that you are actually the problem.
MR was a victim long before he arrived here. He does live in his own head after all.
Intelligent, maybe. Normal, not really. You're out there on a fringe with your beliefs - not just in terms of what you believe, but also in terms of the impressively wide range of nonsense that you buy into.

Not as abnormal as you might assume:




I WILL grant that belief in Bigfoot may be relatively rare. But that doesn't bother me. I was never one for unquestioning conformity to the crowd view.
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It's not an argument about anything. I'm just pointing out the fact that my beliefs are not that abnormal.
And I'm pointing out that your lack of belief in God is abnormal :) and incidentally drawing attention to the fact that not being abnormal about a given belief has little to do with its truth or falsehood.
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