Twins, triplets, are they identical?


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Just saw old documentary of Discovery Channel last night. What do you know about this. Is there any newer information?

In the show was they talk about similarity of their genes, some "coincidence" of similar behaviour even they grew apart, some telepathic connection when the other twin died, etc.
I think that some of the discussion of Twins was held in a post called "Cloning Hitler" some time back, of course the subject wasn't necessarily about cloning Hitler, but it was about cloning people.

If you are to look at Identical Twins properly, you should note that back from the first day their embreo became fertile, they were one person. Only at that point did the growth of cells not just divide and subdivide, but also split into seperate entities.

This means that they are the same person, perhaps with very small differences where the mothers pregnancy period filled in the areas of code that made them up. This means although they are relatively the same they will have small characteristic changes caused by their DNA being slightly altered. (There are so many combinations of chemicals)

What seperates them and gets them to be apart from one another is the shear fact that no two people are alike, they might share things in common, but it's found that most twins like to try and prove their differences.
(This usually causes haircut differences and having different hobbies etc)

As for Telepathy and the like??? Well if you were to take particular types of equipment that are now begining to show the light of day. (DNA sniffers) It's understandible that a person could feel the same sort of feeling from a frequency bombardment that is attuned to their sequence. Since Twins have always been classed as a bit of a phenomona, I'm sure that such telepathy might be given a hand by people that "watch" everything like some sort of experiment.

Of course the piece between the "==" might seem delusionary and not on topic :D
That's not new at all. I knew that since junior highschool.

Yeah forget about telepathic stuffs, it was part of their (Discovery Cannel) scenario to make it sounds (they means) interesting. :rolleyes:

Well, it seems I have to take a look at "Cloning Hitler" thread...