TSRs,Viruses:Microsoft responsible

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The sole reason why TSRs(TERMINATE AND STAY RESIDENT)programs,Viruses( a minor diversion)exist today is because designers of microsoft MS-DOS failed to foresee the need for single task-switching between resident programs--not multitasking but simple task-switching mind you.

When Microsoft was trying to put together the PRINT.COM(a print spooler)the program needed task switching,they were restricted by single user,single tasking DOS.thats the time they put some hooks into DOS to allow PRINT.COM to run in the background.Microsoft didint although publish the details of the stuff probably because the technique was fragile or may they wanted to hold their cards close to chest.but it underestimated the capabilities of DOS hackers who burn their midnight to discover mysteries,quirks and secrets of DOS.they reverse engineered the PRINT.COM program code to bulid early pop-up utility programs.
Sidekick and Prokey being the most popular.eventually TSRs proliferated.Most viruses built are a minor diversion of TSRs.so isnt Microsoft responsible?

so one more nail on Bill Gates,i"d say.:D
zion ...

Wouldn't you say that Borland should also carry part of the blame?

After all, it was he who did the reverse-engineering and then popularized
it with the TSR 'SideKick'.

POI Still use SideKick on my old 486 and still great for writing clean code.

Take care. ;)
Firestarter was MS,since the slip around was by MS.
but TSRs are useful for people who are using DOS only,but at the same time are posing threats in form of viruses.

some preachers of Multi--tasking enviornments say TSRs are endangered species in computer programs...or is it really?the pop-up programs are a handy stuff for those who love to frighten the SYSTEM-ADMINISTRATORS with their viruses and messing around with the computers networks.especially those freaking time-bomb TSRs that may just pop up off shot with a scary message on-screen.

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