Trump finally voted best... at being worst!


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Thought this might be of some interest to some...

A recent study/poll of some well-regarded political scientists was just released that has scored all the US Presidents on various factors, with Lincoln topping the poll with a score of c.94/100, and Trump somewhat adrift at the bottom of the pile with just under 11. The one above Trump, Buchanan, scored just under 17.

Even Republicans who were polled had him only at 41/45, and those who considered themselves Conservative had him at 43.

Biden, by comparison, was joint 13 with c.63, and Obama top of the more recent Presidents at 7 with c.74.

Trump did actually come legitimately top to the answer to one question, though: the most polarising President.

Interesting reading, if you like stats, but unfortunately the views of such people as were polled are not widely shared by the entire population.
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Many of his supporters at the everyday neighborhood level -- that I've had conversations with -- don't rate him highly, anyway, in terms of liking him personality-wise or at administrative competence.

Aside from favoring some of their causes or thought orientations, they seem to want Trump elected because of what they perceive as his effectiveness as a wrecking ball, his potential to either rattle or dismantle the establishment. (In the 1960s, the rebellion centered around the latter being perceived as social injustice heavy and warmongering. Today's uprising perceives it as left-wing or opposite polarity.)

On the far-right especially,[1] the appearance of Trump being a Jew or Israel lover shouldn't ordinarily be in his favor -- though that seems pretty much cancelled out again by his Putin admiration, appeasing Islamophobia, and other factors. (Indirect observations and inferences on my part, though, as I only encounter or witness comments by that part of the spectrum online.)

Similarly, I expect the much-celebrated outrage over Biden supporting Israel will be cancelled-out by fear of Trump being elected, or such will fade by election time much as Biden's botched Afghanistan exit (and other items) has perished into the mists of political amnesia.

- - - footnote - - -

[1] How Trump phones in his support for far-right groups

October 16, 2023

Speaking to supporters in Iowa, Trump said that if he returns to the Oval Office, he will immediately begin “ideological screening” for all immigrants and bar those who sympathize with Hamas and Muslim extremists.

[...] “If you empathize with radical Islamic terrorists and extremists, you’re disqualified,” he said. “If you want to abolish the state of Israel, you’re disqualified. If you support Hamas or any ideology that’s having to do with that or any of the other really sick thoughts that go through people’s minds — very dangerous thoughts — you’re disqualified.”

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