'"True philosophy is in exact equation to the mathematical laws of universe"


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I have to understand the following: A true philosophy is in exact equation to the mathemeatical laws of the umiverse.

Please assist me in understanding this. It is something I must learn to master Tai Yi which is an alternative healing modality that works with a unique grid system and universal energy in clearing the blockages of the human energy system. I am not of college level understanding, yet I do get it, if you can describe it at a hands on level.

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It seems like this is basically saying that no system of beliefs can be considered true unless it works in acordance with science.

One of the most basic laws of the universe is Balance. Everything evens out. Nothing is created or destroyed, what happens on one side of the equal sign must happen on the other side as well. All actions have consequences, and all consequences can be traced to actions. I don't know if this is what they were looking for, since I am not familiar with Tai Yi, but I think this is fairly likely.