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Hi everyone
I am new to this forum but I was curious to know if any of you have ever had a tonsillectomy?

I am getting my tonsils removed the day after tomorrow (Wednesday)
I have had strep throat off and on for years along with problematic throat inflammations and of course tonsillitis. I have come to the realization that my tonsils are far more sinister than one would think...
They are HUGE! They look like the mutant tonsils that ate Manhattan and in one respect I am relieved that I am getting these suckers removed and on the other hand I feel a bit apprehensive when it comes to surgery itself (one would think being a trauma nurse in the summer would have alleviated any fears long ago)

The last time I was scheduled to have them removed my fever was too high so they postponed and I was suppose to get them out this morning but they postponed it until Wednesday. If it gets postponed again will one of you please come remove them with a soldering iron?

Anyone here ever gone through this hellish experience? misery loves company right about now...

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Not at this stage in my life. Been living with these suckers for a long time. Don't guess I am going to part with them now.

Best wishes for your surgery...
Originally posted by Amie
Hi everyone
I am new to this forum but I was curious to know if any of you have ever had a tonsillectomy? [/i]
Well don’t worry a single bit. Now days, it s done in full narcosis, the operation takes between 20 and 30 minutes and for the first two days you’ll have difficulty to swallow almost anything, except of cause, liquid. From the second day to third, puree will be your menu and (this is the nicest part), lots of ice-cream. It is needed to keep the operating area
With temperature shocks and deduce risk of excessive bleeding. In a week you’ll be back home like new, you’ll notice that bad breath will disappear, your voice may change a little.
The Tonsils serve (when we are infants) to generate antibodies for infections that as infants we most get vie the nose or mouth. Infants can not take severe medicament for life treating infections and so Tonsils serve as our immediate defense. As we get older and are able to take stronger antibiotics, the Tonsils are not only useless but also dangerous. Attacked by an infection they generate antibodies, unfortunately those antibodies are not very intelligent, and while attacking a bacterial infection, they can damage other critical parts of our body.

Amie, as a skydiving instructor, this is a stroll in the park, don’t worry about it let your love ones spoil you a little while lying in the hospital bed and send us a note when you are done!
By the way, I scuba too!

Believe me, it's simple. I've oddly enough got 'noids that keep growing back. So I've had the tonsils out and the noids out twice.
I've heard the fatality rate for that type of surgery is surprisingly high. :D

BTW, welcome to sciforums. Hopefully this will not be your last post.
Oh, honey, you don't want to hear my tonsillectomy story. But I'm one of the few people i know with a horror story about it and i was 6, so I"m sure it just seemed much worse than it actually wa. I'm sure you'll be fine.

I guess i should say welcome!!
Thanks wet1 :)

Thanks Microzoft you scuba too eh? let me know if you ever make it down to Southern California. I highly recommend skydiving ;)
Thanks for all the info as well

Thanks Tyler and yeah I've heard about that happening to some...wouldn't surprise me in the least if it happened to me

Thanks refornedtopunk :)

Hi Nebula I know...blood, gush, gore. My brother told me the same thing:D

Hi Nightpoet thanks...yeah tell me all about it next week *after* I have mine. I remember my friend's little sister died when she was 6 years old while having her tonsils removed. :(
strep throat is common for me also, but i would never get mine removed since it screws with your immune system.

anyhow, i hope everything goes well for you. when you're recovering maybe ill tell you about the time my friend got hers taken out... but wouldn't wanna frighten you now. ;) :D
I had mine out when I was 15. Didn't get them out before because I had already had tonsilitus, got them out because I got it again aand it wouldnt go away. So for me it was benificial for my imune system.

Slept for 2 weeks straight on some liquid narcotics medicine.
I had mine out last year. Outpatient surgery, very quick. Worst part was the I.V.
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The doctor was late for mine, but they had the iv going for about 45 minutes before he arrived. The kept it cold, so it made my entiire arm cold!