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I wondered which time is used on this forum.

I live in the greenwich +1:00 hour zone...(the netherlands)
What time is the forum, and for which country is the time right..(Usa central time, or something??)


I have the answer, wasn't looking.....

I was confused because I normally use a 24 hour system without the am/pm..

I am ashamed of myself, very ambarrising

sorry when I took something of your TIME with this thread...

Don't feel so bad. I'm British and live permamnently here in California. I miss the gatheriing European tendency to use 24 hour time. It is rare in the USA, they insist on the AM/PM practice and then they often leave that out and hope that context alone will not lead to ambiguity. But even when I have tried to introduce 24 hour designations I find the topic drops into a discussion of the military. You see it isn't called 24 hour time here but military time. So unles you are in one of the armed services you would not be expected to understand or use such complicated things.

But I do have an interesting conversation piece on my office wall. A true 24 hour analogue clock. It shows all 24 hours on its face so that midday is when both hands are pointing straight down. Confuses the hell out of everyone who tries to read it.

Have fun
And at three 'o clock? (or should a say at 15:00)

is the small hand to the left or to the right???

to the left would be fun, but almost impossible to read I think.
You can set your time zone in your preferences, such that all times on the forum will be adjusted to match your zone:

Control Panel > Change Options > Time Offset

Alas, you cannot set a 24-hour clock. I think the default time zone for this server is North America Central, but I may be confused since I'm on Pacific time.

I do also prefer the 24-hour clock, having trained myself to use it exclusively during high school. But, alas, digital watches that support it tend to be cheap and unstylish, so I was forced to buy a standard 12-hour analog watch that looks good.
Originally posted by KneD
And at three 'o clock? (or should a say at 15:00)

is the small hand to the left or to the right???

to the left would be fun, but almost impossible to read I think.

Ha ha! Neither. Each quadrant has 6 hours. So when the small hand is on the right that would be 0600, and when on the left that would be 1800. The 1500 position is at the 225 degree angle (180 + 45).

There remain 60 minutes to the hour of course so the big hand still moves at the same speed and marks the same 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute positions. And see even I’ve confused myself in my last post – midday is big hand pointing up and the little hand pointing down – sigh!

So for the minutes; 5 mins is at the 02 hour position, 10 mins at 04, 15 mins at 06, etc, ending with 50 mins at 20, 55 mins at 22, and 60 mins at 00.

So Dave, how about placing a request with your software provider for 24 hour time display support?

eeeeeuuuurh, yeah I got the clock-thing...

It was stupid from me btw, didn't notice the 24 hour analogue clock, then the small hand can't be on the right or left at 3...

amazing what a conversation you can get from such a stupid thread :)

I support the 24-hour forum clock too..!!!!!!
reddin time.

Yup, eye be one of them dat can red military time.
So it doesn't matter to me. Call me an uneducated American.