Time Travel


DAZE> thats if time was linear.going back in time, may take u 2 a point that was from another time line differnt 2 ours.whos 2 say that by going forward or back in time would we b going in our time.

PABU> well for starters, when traving in a car at high accleation, u fell a slight puss on u as the car goes faster.times that by the speed of light, and u get a very big squeeze. some people belive that light is the fastest speed, and experimence that have tryed 2 move an object faster than this have been unsusful, (electrions).

hope that answers ur questions.

by the way this is just my thoughts, don't take these as true facts, have a look 4 urselfs.
I just thought you kids would enjoy this one...

Experimental Time Travel Website ...IS TIME TRAVEL POSSIBLE? Is it possible to construct a machine capable of travelling into the past?. The development of a totally new form of teleportation, called the Star Chamber, will attempt to put this theory to the test !!


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heres a question 4 those of greater knowledge than i.
if a photon is relased from an electron that has changed energey levels, on perpusly relasing a photon, then using magnick fileds to fous this photon like the way the tv does it with electrons. instead of just the 1 photon meny are relesed at one time, fousing all these photons in a stright line, would u not have just made an photon gun?like an electron gun, but with photons. and as photons are packets of energy, would u not produce a future like gun?????

just a lil thought?

Hi ogster,

I don't think that would work. There are some problems with focussing photons using electromagnetic fields:

First of all, we are not yet entirely sure what photons exactly are: there are still some experiments going on trying to determine whether photons really are particle-like and that the famous interference effects are simply caused by quantum interference. The last time I heard of such an experiment was two years ago, but I never heard any results about it. It could turn out that light perhaps has a radial spreading wavecharacter (emitted by a point source) and that it manifests itself as a single entity, a photon, anywhere around the sphere of radiation. If this is the case, it could be hard to focus the entire radiation sphere to "bend" to a direction of choice. If anybody has any answers to this problem, be sure to mention them here.

Assuming photons have a particle-like character, there's a second problem of charge: photons do not have charge, and this makes it very hard for them to interact with electromagnetic radiation. But since photons have a spin magnetic dipolemoment, they will respond to electromagnetic radiation, only not in a conventional way, the photons would need a non-uniform, focussing magnetic field. Problem here is that magnetic dipole interactions are several orders of magnitude smaller than regular electromagnetic (Coulomb/Lorentz) interactions.

Also, because they move fast, it would require *large* magnetic fields to bend them just slightly, also something that is not practical.

Fortunately, somebody already invented a photongun. Today they call it a LASER ;).


just a little question, what determines which atom is which. is it the number of electrons which surround it, or the protons, neutrons and electrons?
Hrm ?

Hi Ogster,

I am not quite sure I understand what you mean. If you refer to two identical atoms, then there's no way of distinguishing them (you cannot label one of the two atoms).

If you refer to the division of elements (Copper, Gold, Silver, ...) then it is the number of protons that determine the element. This is just a definition with some reasoning behind it: the number of protons is related to the number of electrons in a neutral atom (there are just as many electrons as protons). Since the basic properties of elements (as first discovered by chemicists in the 1700's) are dominated by electron-behaviour, it is reasonable to use the number of protons or electrons to distinguish the elements. The number of protons was choosen because removing electrons of atoms appearantly didn't drastically change the behaviour (if you heat up mercury to a high-temperature gas, it's still mercury, even though some electrons have been removed from the atoms).


leaving the subject of time speed 4 a mo, is it possible 2 change the number of protons in an artom? by doing this would u not change what the atom is (coper, iron ect..)?
Alchemist's dream

Hi ogster,

Yes, it is possible to change the number of protons in a nucleus. But it is not as simple as pouring some potions together and waiting for the result (i.e. it is not a chemical reaction).

I am not entirely sure on the way they change the number of protons, but I suspect they bombard a nucleus with protons (if you want to raise the number of protons) or with neutrons (if you want to lower the number of protons by letting a neutron knock one out).

Some nuclei automatically raise their protonnumber (this is called beta-minus radioactive decay, a neutron gets converted to a proton in a nucleus). The other way around is also possible: a nucleus can change a proton into a neutron, thereby lowering the protonnumber (this is called beta-plus decay).


so if u were 2 change the protones and electrons in an atom strucher, would u change say a copper into a iron (gold out of lead?)
Time travel isn't possible that way!

Your time travel experiment is great or paper, but in real life it will never work. You can't travel at the speed of light. A smarter, slightly more realistic way of time travel would to use two blackholes, and connect them to create a worm hole. By warping space you could travel a huge distance, and time in fact by entering one.
Space and time are interwoven, like folding a sheet of paper in half you can walk from the "top" to the "bottom" of the page quickly because the distance is smaller. Once you've got to point B, you unfold it, space and time return to normal and you end up somewhere else. Because of time-dilation in extreme gravity your trip would seem instant but to outside observers it may take years.
To modify the wormhole time machine you just make one hole in space-time, make another hole behind or near your starting point connect them and climb through. You could theoretically pop out of the second hole before you left the first one. Obviously this would take another few centuries or millennia to figure out but this is how it would be done.
We should really start a seperate thread on this ;)...

Hi ogster,

To get off-topic one more time ;),

Yes, it would be possible to change lead to gold if you'd like. Unfortunately, this whole proces costs more than the actual gold, so you wouldn't really gain anything. These kind of experiments are especially interesting for the studies of exotic nuclei (like 5He, or the newly discovered elements 116, 118, ...).


Time~Travel can be "Tricky Busines" !!!
perhaps something here may be of pertaining, or useful information...
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Many Worlds Websites:
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Many Worlds Quantum Theory: http://www.innerx.net/personal/tsmith/ManyWorlds.html
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Check out this page on the latest theories on field propulsion systems at: http://stardrive.org/Jack/puthoff1.pdf

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So you think time travel is impossible, eh!: http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~teviet/timetravel.html

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time travel isn't possable yet but probable and makes sence considering Einstiens theory and how light speed works. lets say you are traveling light speed toward a nieboring star to you it may seem only 20 years have passed but back home on earth its been about 200 years so it is very probable for travel into the future faster but going back is what could get very tricky going into the past may not be possable at all.
wants to know -
if like u said time travel is inpossible, then wouldent travling at the speed at light also be inpossible?if u could travel at the speed of light then u would time travel, thus 20 years here would be 200 years there, but as u said u can't time travel so i don't think ur theory would work?
crisp -
yes but once u have prfected doing it becomes less expensize, like manufacutaring a car,2 make it once would cost a lot of money but once u have a factor line,making the car becomes inexpenisive from the cost 2 start off, then after a few cars have been sold u gain a profit. would u not?

ok,last time that i get off the subject
only way

well what I mean is that would be the only way is to go at the speed of light to you 20 years past but back here at normal flow 200 years past. and I believe it because einstien was no stupid man. but going into the past I figure is not possable
inorder for anyone to time travel wouldn't it require that the future, present, and past exist at the same time? i mean, you can't travel to the future if it doesn't yet exist, can you? and likewise, in order to travel to the past it still has to be there right?
what is everyone's thoughts on this?
working on the theory that time isnt linear and that everything happens at once (quantam theory),u could go to any point in any time. kinda like a ball, and not like a stright line.

well i think thats how it works
any1 else?
I time travel every night. I close my eyes at night and find myself moving forward in time about 7 hours!

Some people say what is impossible today can be possible someday. Here is my question. Given all the technology in the world, can you create US dollar bills that can not be considered counterfeit? The answer is NO without US governments permission because of the serial numbers. But you can create gold out of lead or diamonds out of coal (Carbon).

I think, you can move through space but not time with respect to the observer. If you teleport yourself to a planet in Epsilon system, and have a tachyon telephone, you can call home and the time will be the same GMT (Galactic Mean Time). That means no "matter" will travel faster than light but any massless energy (information) pulse can - to make your telephone call.

This theory will hold true in this galaxy only. If you go to another Universe, all bets are off. So do not waste your time on time...work on teleportation (see the other thread on the subject...)- that is possible and useful.