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How it works?

My time machine "The Light Speed Eagle" is only capable to go to a future date and it almost completely relies on mathematics to get it there. For example if you wanted to travel four years in the future you would multiply four times the distance of a light year. (5,869,713,600,000) Just so you know a light year is the distance light travels in one year, so if light travels at 186,000 miles/second then the solution for finding the distance that light travels in one year would be…

186,000 x 60 x 60 x 24 x 365.25

This mathematical problem equals 5,869,713,600,000 or the distance traveled by light in one year. The reason you would have to know about light speed and light years is because it time equals distance so if you would travel a four year journey in 7.8 seconds (which is how long it would take you to travel four years distance at light speed) you would arrive back at earth… only the four years that you skipped would pass on earth making you four years ahead of time. But there are some other things that I did not mention, for instance in order to get back home from you light speed journey you would have to turn around at two years distance or you will go farther in time than you expect. Plus half way to each two-year distance you would have to reverse your engine or you will fly passed your stopping point. The only way I believe you can create this power is through nuclear fusion also known as nuclear energy. I first though that I would fuse hydrogen and helium like the sun does…but then I though it would take up too much space because of a reactor's gigantic size. So I decided to choose another course of action. An atomic reaction would power my massive ship into the future. In a super-strong titanium prism one piece of pure Plutonium will be forced and held together causing a controlled atomic reaction that will be released in several bursts. This will power my ship to the speed of light. The space ship will also have two R2 space engines for maneuvering at low speeds. Another problem would be navigating at light speeds, easy solution…an on board super-computer would plot a course even before the ship moves so that any navigational movement will be handled by the computer. The ship will be created in earth's atmosphere because it is harder to lunch from earth than it is from space. My ship is NOT designed to enter earth's atmosphere so an X20 or a free-fall spacecraft will descend to earth from the "Light Speed Eagle". Problems like G-force are actually no problem at because by the time the G-force multiples your journey is all ready over. If you have any questions about the "Light Speed Eagle" or time travel please ask me.

This was a project assigned in science class, we had do draw a time machine...but i went a little farther with it. Please Give me your input.
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i think that u can't time travel. i herd that if u put a clock on a fast plane, and the same clock on the gorund, after the plane has flown around for a long time, it comes back with differnt time as the time on the clock on the ground. the time has either slowed down or speade up either way, the person on the plane has not gone into the futre or the past but has stayed in the present.

also if u looked at the stars u would see the light as it was when the light left the star.ifu were a million light years away from the star then u would see the start as i were a million light years ago. no1 has time traveld but u could see the past.

just a lil thought


Well actually the person in the plane WOULD have travelled in time, but the problem is that the difference is only a few thousands of a second... So you hardly notice it ;).



Well...again you would have to define time...people time travel every day by crossing the international date-line or passing throughout different time zones. Lets say you take a picture of the closest galaxy...I think it is Andromeda. If Andromeda is 5,000 lightyears away then you have taken a picture of Andromeda 6.3 sec. away. The solution is one lightyear or 5,869,713,600,000
multiply by 5,000 ... then divide the answer by 186,000 or the speed of light in seconds. So knowing this you may realize that by beating light you just might beat time.
people change time zones everyday doesnt mean that they change time from everyone else.u still can see them, but u cannot see someone from the past, so u can slow time and maybe speed it up, but ur still in the same time line as everyone else.

my point is that it may have been on a thousands of a secound, but if taken 2 the extream, by flying at light speed then the differnce between ur time and the time at light speed would b noticbly, but still u havent left our time line, just a slowed down version?

I do understand what you are saying, but to be perfectly honest I think you're wrong. Light is the fastest moving oject in the universe known to man, therefore it sets the ultimite speed limit. So if you were to go faster than light-speed then you would travel throughtout time into the future because distance equals time and time equals speed, I do think you brought up a very good point and it does question my theorys...if you would like to we can go farther into this please do.
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Time and space are woven into the same fabric.If you could travel at the speed of light, there would no longer be any distance to travel. You would arrive at your destination instantaneously because of the contraction of space.

Hi Shaman1301,

The distance would shorten, but to an outside observer, it would also take you an infinite amount of time to get there due to time dilatation ;)..


yes but how do we know that light is the fastest speed there is.of course it is the fastest knowon 2 man, but does that mean it is un-think-a-bul that an object could go faster?

the way i think u could go faster than light is by using an masize gavity force. for instance black holes bend light and time, so could u not use this example 2 bend the speed and time u were traving at and go faster than light?????

wouldent find going further, but i reply on here as often as i get the chance 2.

Hi ogster,

Around 1890, there was an experiment that tried to accelerate electrons as fast as possible. It was noted in this experiment that increasing the energy would at first increase the electron's speed (as expected). But the higher the energies, the less the speed increase, until at one point, the electrons seemed to have reached some sort of "maximum speed". After comparing the measured "maximum speed" it was found that it was just below light speed.

This doesn't prove that faster-than-light travel is impossible, but it does indicate that "regular matter" seems to have an upper limit to its speed.

Now, sooner or later I expect Tachyons or similar entering the discussion here: many efforts have been made to detect particles going faster than the speed of light (in vacuum). This is usually done by looking for Cherenkov radiation (from the moment a particle goes faster than the speed of light in eg. water, it starts emitting radiation to get slowed down (nature's mechanism of trying to prevent FTL travel?). This radiation can quite easily be detected -- sidenote: the speed of light in water is lower than the speed of light in vacuum, so there's no "real" FTL travel here).



another thought, when an electron has changed an energy level, we canot see where it goes, and at how fast it goes at. maybe the way 2 go faster is not by having more energy, but moving from 1 energy level 2 another????
It could work...

Hi ogster,

It's true that we cannot exactly see the electron jump from one energylevel to another. From a theoretical point of view, you would expect the electron - or better formulated, it's spreaded wavefunction (modulus squared) - to move further away from the nucleus, but the uncertainty limit makes it a bit hard to look at.

From fluorescence experiments (when an atom absorbs light and re-emits it) you can estimate that the timescale for electron processes is typically something of 10^-15 seconds. Therefor, it is usually said that electron excitations from one energy level to another happen more or less in that timescale. This is quite a generalisation may I add ;).

And last but not least: it has been observed that elektrons can tunnel through a potential barrier. Recent experiments suggest that this tunneling effect takes place at speeds apx. 4 times the speed of light. This is just to mention that we're still not really 100% sure what the microscopic world is all about... And that knowledge could prove to be necessary if we ever want to travel at high speeds.


'The light Speed Eagle'

from dark raven @ jimmy james,
re: 'The Light Speed Eagle'

hi jimmy, i am just asking about your school project,
in it you say that g-force is no worry, because by the time it multiples the journey is over, but even though the journy is over, wont the g-force soon catch up with you like with and aroplain, whene it breakes the sound barrer, the sound comes after it, but after the plane slows down it catches up with it again?

i hope you could anwser this question, and i would like to say v well done on it any way.

my e-mail is.......... dan74656@lycos.co.uk

hope to hear from you soon, live long and prosper, dark raven:)
well that is as far as my knowdge goes, all i can say now is that nobody knows what happens 2 electrones when they change energy levels, but i am shore that they travel faster than light, maybe even faster than time?
Time travel not time travel?

When travelling at an appreciable fraction of the speed of light, is one really time travelling? Or is it merely an astronomically energy-expensive form of suspended animation (albeit you're conscious)?

At least from the point of an observer anyway.

Now my question.

Supposing that time travel by humans is possible, which view of the timeline is most favoured: That of a linear timeline, or the parallel "many worlds" view?
Forgive my ignorance here but I have a question. Why do we believe that anything special would happen if we exceeded the speed of light? For example...when we increase the velocity with which we can travel on land, nothing happens other than getting from point A to B quicker. Wouldnt we just reach our spacial destination quicker than the person travelling at a speed slower than light? Why would these instances be different?
TAP-TEN Research Websites...

TAP-TEN Research Photo Album
More will continue to be added latter...

Time Travel Research Center
Interview with Dr. David Anderson@Frankfurt, Germany http://www.time-travel.com/timetech.htm

Time Travel Research Center

TWF's & CTC's
(Time Warp Fields & Closed "Time-Like" Crves.)
Time Warped Fields & Closed Time-Like Curves go hand in hand my friend...
. Tipler first described a working "time machine" through his theory of massive rotating spheres. http://www.geocities.com:0080/Area5.../5763/time.html

Certain types of black holes also exhibit the "time travel" abilities of Tipler cylinders. Kerr was one of the first to describe the dual event horizons of a rotating black hole. As with Tipler's cylinders, it was possible to travel on a "time-like" trip through a Kerr black hole and end up in a different world line without being squished by the gravity of the singularity. http://www.physics.fsu.edu/courses/
13/fig11-132.htm http://qso.lanl.gov/~bromley/nu_nofun.html http://www.leonllo.freeservers.com/blackworm.html http://www.astro.ku.dk/~cramer/RelViz/text/geom_

The mass and gravitational field of a microsingularity can then be manipulated by "injecting" electrons onto its surface. By rotating two electric microsigularities at high speed, it is possible to create and modify a local gravity sinusoid that replicates the affects of a Kerr black hole.

More can be viewed from this archived post at the following Link...

just another brief note...
it has been discovered that there is a direct correlation between the human bio electric curcuit, and EMF/EMR and their interaction between these outside influences.
examples would be the recent scientific discoveries of remaining traces of electro-magnetic "signatures" left behind in areas once inhabited, or visited frequently, by someone whom was once at a particular place for any extended period of "Time"

Now more importantly, if you were to look deeper into particle science, and explore the correlation of these EMF signatures with Time~Travel into the past cycles of any given world-line, you might also discover that this is a key element crucial to being able to find pre existing components of any past Time-Line that once was, but no longer exhists as was in the present.

Perhaps I may be "Reaching" here, yet again if we knew hwat we were doing, it wouldn't be called research now would it? moreover without research, and probing for these answeres, we may never know without.

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