Three Year Old Supposedly Recalls Past Life


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Just something an acquaintance of mine had posted on Facebook that I thought was interesting/curious...

While there are plenty of people out there who believe in reincarnation, whether because of their religion or a personal choice, it's rare that a past life can be proven. But when a three-year-old living in Golan Heights right near the Syrian border not only told of his past life, but solved the murder, few could deny the truth. This little boy is amazing.
Eli Lasch was a pediatrician. When he was the senior consultant coordinating health services in the Gaza Strip, he came upon a curious case of a three-year-old's past life. He was present for the entire ordeal and told of it to Trutz Hardo, who wrote the book Children Who Have Lived Before.
This interesting real life tail took place in the Golan Heights region near the Syrian border. This area is mostly populated by the Druze, a Middle Eastern ethnoreligious group. The subject of this story, a three-year-old boy, was a member of this community.
When Dr. Lasch met the three-year-old, he was saying that he had lived a past life. This isn't uncommon for children, especially those with active imaginations, but Lasch and the village elders decided to humor the boy.
As the boy told his story, he mentioned that he knew where his former body was buried. Luckily, it was nearby. He led people right to the spot and they started digging.Sure enough, they found a skeleton in the exact spot that the boy pointed out. What are the odds? While this may seem spectacular, it only gets spookier from here.
Upon examining the skull of the skeleton, Dr. Lasch found an axe wound on the skull. The three-year-old boy had a birthmark on his forehead in the exact same spot. The Druze faith states that birthmarks are the physical mark of a past life's death wound.
Though the dead body may seem like a coincidence, the boy decided to take things a step further. He promised that he knew exactly where the murder weapon, an axe, was buried.
Since he had been right the first time, the village elders didn't even question it. They followed the boy to the spot and dug. Sure enough, they found an axe.
The boy then led them to a nearby town where he said he lived in his past life. When the elders talked to those in town and mentioned the name that the little boy gave as his past life, everyone knew exactly who they were talking about. The name corresponded to a man that had gone missing just four years prior.
Finally, the boy pointed out who murdered him in a past life. When the boy and the village elders confronted the person he turned white with fright. They mentioned that they had found the body and the murder weapon, and the man confessed.
While certain aspects of this story could be chalked up to coincidence, when you put together all of the events, it's hard not to believe that this three-year-old boy really had a past life. What do you think?

Well then... that's a bit disturbing. Either someone in this whole story knew the whereabouts of the body, murder weapon, and the killer already and simply coached the boy... in which case they would likely be an accessory... or there is something strange going on here.

The birthmark bit is just kinda freaky though...

Anyone else have additional stories such as this? I'm not familiar with the website here either, for what its worth.
It's a cool story, but how could he have known where his old body was buried if he was already dead at the time?
It's a cool story, but how could he have known where his old body was buried if he was already dead at the time?
Indeed - the story raises more questions than it answers. One might argue that he was tethered to the earth due to "unfinished business" (ala Casper)... but then, how could he have been reborn? No matter how you slice it, something seems off.
It's a cool story, but how could he have known where his old body was buried if he was already dead at the time?
A few things that need to be noted about that story.

The story came to light in a book titled "Children who have lived before: Reincarnation Today", by Trutz Hardo.

The child's story is part of a book written by a German therapist titled "Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today." The therapist, Trutz Hardo, heard the story from a doctor who witnessed the events, Eli Lasch.

Which reveals the first clue about the.. ermm.. authenticity of this story. Hardo is a "reincarnation therapist", also known as a regression therapist.

The second clue is Dr Lasch himself. From a blog and website dedicated to him and his writings, after he had achieved what he could professionally and medically and scientifically, he decided to.. ermm.. well.. expand:

In 1984, Dr. Lasch realized that he had fulfilled most of his goals and started looking for new challenges. After a series of spiritual revelations, he left behind a thriving medical and academic career and went to stay with the Findhorn Community in Scotland. Here, during long periods of meditation and reflection, he was given insights into the hidden meaning of the Bible. This resulted in his first book about the Bible which is meanwhile out of print.

Back in Israel, Dr. Lasch started on a spiritual pathway which combined teaching of kabbalah, reincarnation therapy and spiritual healing. At the same time, he continued to develop his contact with the medical profession of Gaza. This included many visits of Arab physicians to his home. After the outbreak of the Intifada in 1987, Dr. Lasch found himself caught between the two fronts and decided to return to his country of birth. He settled in Berlin and developed a highly successful center for spiritual healing. His numerous appearances on TV and in the print media helped to advance the state of spiritual healing in Germany. During that time, he published two further books both dealing with different aspects of spiritual healing.

The rest of the blog page discusses creationism and God having created man an animals on the 6th day. Riveting reading.

The third and obvious clue about this story are the Druze people themselves.

And this is brilliantly explained by Hardo himself:

The Druse is a nation of approximately 200,000 people who settled in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the region that is now Israel a long time ago. They are neither Muslim nor Christian, for they have their own religion. In Israel they are mostly found on the Golan Heights. They are the only non-Jewish Israelis to serve in the Israeli army. Reincarnation forms the basis of their beliefs.

As soon as a child is born its body is searched for birthmarks, since they are convinced that these stem from death wounds, which were received in a past life. If such marks are found on a child they try to discover something from his or her past life as soon as the child is able to speak in order to get the first clues to the circumstances of his or her former death. They are aware that small children often confuse past and present events and so experience everything as if it were the same life.

Therefore as soon as the child is three years old and is able to distinguish between events from the past and its present life, the child is taken to the place it has talked about and where it claims to have lived in a past life (provided that the child in question did mention such a place). Since this is usually a special occasion, a kind of native board of inquiry is formed, led by several respected village elders.

When a certain boy became three years old, on whose upper forehead a long red birthmark stretching to the centre of his head was found, a group of 15 men was formed. This group consisted of the father and other relatives of the boy, several elders of the village and representatives from the three neighbouring villages. From what the boy had said they were quite sure that he had lived in their immediate neighbourhood in his past life. Professor Eli Lasch was the only non-Druse who was invited to join this group because they knew that he was interested in reincarnation.

The story reeks of conditioning and this child was pre-exposed to possibilities, such as the search for birth marks and being convinced they are "death wounds" from a previous life. Truth be told, we do not know what this child would have had put in his head prior to it all. The story then goes that they went from village to village until the body was discovered and the killer named. And whether this actually even happened as he claims it did. What we do know is that a village full of people who are into re-incarnation, a doctor who believes in regression therapy and is deeply involved in it and a society that from birth, attempt to discover the child's previous life, recounted to a regression therapy expert who "helped" Lasch become involved in it (reincarnation therapy) all in the first place:

I have been a friend of the well-known Israeli doctor and Professor of medicine Eli Lasch for ten years now. He served for a long time as senior consultant responsible for the health services in the Gaza Strip and temporarily for the whole of the Israeli-occupied Sinai. Yet his own experiences gradually helped him to find his way back over the Kabbala to the inside, where he rediscovered amazing abilities that he had possessed in a past life.

After he had completed his career as a highly decorated medical doctor, he opened a practice in Israel where he worked as regression therapist and spiritual healer. In 1989 he came to Berlin where I took part in his seminars and where we ended up leading each other back into past lives. A few years later he appeared on television several times where he successfully conducted healings from a distance. All of a sudden he had become a well-known personality throughout the country.

This story only raises more questions if you believe in this stuff.

For the rest of us, it clearly shows selective conditioning of children from the moment they are born. Hardo, however, has an explanation, as the 'expert' on reincarnation, and also getting to plug his book a bit:

How could he have known where his former neighbour had buried his body after his death? Almost daily, my clients describe to me the following post-mortem scenario during regression therapy: after death the soul leaves the earthly body and in most cases is able to see the body from above. Often it hovers there for a while and can see exactly what happens to the body. We will hear more about this from other children later on in this book.

Kind of says it all, really.
Interesting - I had always heard a young child's inability to clearly distinguish past/present/future was due to the same lack of abstract thinking that denies them the concept of object permanence - something that they acquire an understanding of as they mature. Makes sense in a way - abstract concepts are harder to grasp than tangible ones, and without life experiences to draw upon to rationalize them, it is much harder for a younger person to make sense of them.
Sounds like a Tibetan/Nepalese name, so my guess is it's a kid claiming to be the reincarnation of a lama?
So here's a question... if, by chance, this is legitimate... what would that mean for society, especially organized religion? I'd imagine it would carve vast swathes of many religions in twain... not to mention the implications with regards to privacy and such
oops explanation:
post 6 refers to the current(14th) dali lama
the dali lamas are said to be series reincarnations of Avalokiteśvara
with early memories of previous incarnations
You don't get it:
Tenzin didn't choose the life he was trained to lead.
If there is a successor, he will not choose that successor.
"The story was told by a witness to German therapist Trutz Hardo, who went on to author a book about children and reincarnation. Hardo says that Dr. Eli Lasch, who witnessed this particular situation, told him about it before he died."
So it's hearsay. Not legitimate evidence. And therefore not interesting.
Not just that, it is a society that is based around their beliefs in reincarnation, a child that would have been exposed to stories about his past life from birth, a so called "reincarnation therapist" recounting it to another, with no other evidence. No one knows if this is even true or even happened. It is all hearsay, fed by the personal beliefs and agendas of others.
Not just that, it is a society that is based around their beliefs in reincarnation, a child that would have been exposed to stories about his past life from birth, a so called "reincarnation therapist" recounting it to another, with no other evidence. No one knows if this is even true or even happened. It is all hearsay, fed by the personal beliefs and agendas of others.
Yes, we need several billions dollars to run a proper designed experiment
If reincarnation was somehow real, what might that imply?

The existence of the soul?

What might a soul be made of? How does the transference of the soul between bodies occur? What determines if a soul is to be reincarnated or not? Are all souls recycled in this way, and a memory of the previous host body is just a very rare occurrence?

When did souls first come into existence? Are they an emergent property back from when Humanity first evolved sentience/sapience a few million years ago?

Too many questions, but all fascinating ones.