Theme of the universe = waste resources?

My experience, from an efficiency point of view, is indeed relevant. It is why I view the Cosmos with such scrutiny regarding energy waste.. as I perceive it.
Tabby, are you aware that you are implicitly positing that the universe has a 'manager' whose job it is to maximize efficiency? For the record, do you want to make that conjecture explicit?
To repeat an earlier post of mine.....
The universe is there because it is...nothing more, nothing less.It doesn't nor can it give a stuff about us or any other life. It like us are just accidents and random chances that are only partly explained via the BB, the laws of physics and GR that just happened to be a part of what the BB brought into existence, [evolution of space and time] Abiogenesis and evolution.

The waste you speak of and emphasis, from our perspective on Earth, is just a result of the limited advances and technology that we are able to implement and control at this time.
There is a interesting category of civilisations that is called the "Kardashev scale"
Briefly it is simply defined as the amount of energy any civilisation can control and put to good use.

The universe is liable to die a slow lingering death as all stars use up available fuel, as WD's, Neutron stars cool down into black cinders, as BH's evaporate, and possibly even as protons decay.
It is the way it is. We are all star stuff.