Thee Game: Counter-Strike

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Oh yes, you know it! The most popular online, first person shooter.


An offical Modification for Half-Life (voted the best game of the year)

You got it? Wana try and beat me? lets set up some game meetings and let me Kick your a**. So lets talk aobut it here. If you wana play me PM me and we will get something going! Yay! CS RULES.:bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye:
broodwar is better-I have CS but I've never played it because the half life 'people' decide to release a patch every week and a half that does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT TAKE HOURS ON MY COMPUTER TO DL.

Unlike blizzard.
{f} sure Got ICQ? give me your number. Or your email.

Xelios nice aVatar. Photoshop? Yes you need Half-Life you run CS.

Oh shit g2g school
Yeah, I Photoshopped it, and thanks :)

I don't have Half Life, I may have to see if I can find it in the bargain bin or something :D
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