The universal cycloid motion through time.

Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by nebel, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. river

    Not possible . Duration is based on the physical . Duration is based , the essence of duration , is based on movement by objects , physical objects



    The oldest road in existence is the physical . Without which , time could never exist .
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  3. nebel

    "duration is based on movement of objects"? really? how about when an object does not move? does it cease to have duration, disappears? how about energy? the most durable entity you can have, always existed always will, indestructible, uncreated. in one form or another. therefore, time always existed. energy cannot exist without time. time allows duration, face it. not the other way around.

    "physical" as in "matter" , is a newcomer. physical matter was made from pre-existing energy, the most enduring of all. matter did not create time. it was within eternal time that "physical" matter emerged from energy. there will be plenty of time left, when "physical" will be gone again. so,
    the "oldest road" on which we all move is time, the first dimension. The most prevalent movement is rotation. it is elementary. "physical" matter might have a stationare zero length, cycloid-like contact with the stationary , eternal time.

    include in you answer please: how about eternal, uncreated energy, eternal time . how can you have all that without time? or rotation without support, contact?
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  5. river



    No . The properties of the object still move within its self . Vibration , magnetic field , rotation .
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  7. nebel

    Yes, with rotation being the most basic,: think quarks, photons, galaxies. rotation is movement, but
    traveling from a to b does not generate time, it takes place on the playing field we call time, in eternal time. the first dimension.
    the faster you move in space, rotate, the slower you move through time btw, always having the zero velocity, moment of zero length, , contact of a cycloid like movement.
  8. river

    Time has no playing field , to the Universe . Time is irrelevant to anything in it .

    Time is purely a living being concept . Mathematics , measure .
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  9. nebel

    imagine that, without living beings, there would be no time. eternal energy existed, without an eternal time to exist in. the universe started 13.8 billion years ago, without having time to happen,to start at that point in time.--
    All, because no material being existed, (without material)
    imagine 10 billion years elapsed , filled with matter, 3D space, energy all without time, because we were not there?
    I think you grossly overestimate our importance, our contribution to the existence of the all. It is high time for you to realize that you or the likes of us did not create time.
    energytime and timespace predate spacetime and launchtime in 1 hour 12 minutes at my former home, merritt island.
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  10. nebel

    right, time is the playing field. When there was energytime, energy, in its basic form was the only game fielded. The omnidimensional field could also be called timespace. (not spacetime), because it reached/reaches into infinity in all directions.
    Since our universe's beginning, matter exists in many rotating forms, quarks with spins and flavours, photons rotating from magnetism to electrics. electrons in orbits, assembles of atoms in rotating, revolving entities of all sizes., and they all have this dual connection with the time playing field, timespace. they are in instant zero velocity contact of the moment but move on into the future too. a true cycloid cusp. and unlike a wheel, on a road,

    leave no tire mark or footprint of the non-existing past, but the message from the contact is send out into the future in form of energy waves, acoustic, electro magnetig at "c". that we still receive.
    enjoy your contact with the playing field called time. one moment at a time, like a cycloid.
  11. nebel

    bold added

    The many components of the universe continually go through this process you mentioned, of having duration,( some with a very long stretch), long dwell in "time", the first dimension, but also being only present in the no duration moment of the present.
    we, as sentient mortal beings with a laggard nervous system, can attest to that, being perhaps the universe's way of knowing itself. so.,

    The present alternative theory, ( in building), allows both movement into the future, and the instant no duration contact with the dimension time it moves through.with a cusp of a cycloid motion, to use the vehicle wheel analogy, "the moment and place where the rubber hits the road."

    Here from New Scientist Magazine
    PHYSICS 2 June 2022
    By Karmela Padavic-Callaghan

    is an intriguing situation where Light, which already has a good hold on time, with its rotating wave form, and a zero aging process, now can appear if prompted , in a circular path which is again a rotating entity. which prompts the question:
    Is this unlikely situation of a smoke ring like wave made up of rotating waves made in part possible by Light, photon waves in this case having a double hold on time, through its cycloid cusp, as a beam, and additionally by being part of a rotating assembly? with its one contact point, area?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Ps: do we have here entities with a rotating velocity of "c"? are these the fastest? among the spinners, from quarks to galaxies?
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  12. Dicart Registered Senior Member

    I think we should not speak about time like if it is something that is created by something else.
    It the firts "substance" (we dont know what time is) that makes the things change.
    Time permit the expansion. It is not the time we are talking about in physic of course. Physic has a point of view on this substance, and we actually give the name "time".
    Expansion of the second substance (space) lead to all the matter we know.
    It is the expansion who structure the space.
    Why ? : Because something "is" (become massiv) relativ to the" local speed" (the expansion rate at some scale) he has with the other thing.

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