The Ubuntu Experience: Adventure in Motion

Crash and Burn

A Rough Divorce

To the one, I really do prefer Mint Cinnamon to Ubuntu whatever-it's-called.

And it is time to repair the system, so pathetically patched together from various shells that it's just falling apart.

So of course the installer crashes after destroying the grub.

Oh, well, at least the 64-bit worked for my laptop. But wow, did Mint Q32 just bite the poodle.

Sigh. It's not like I lost any data.

Well, there was that one media partition I didn't back up because it was supposed to be clear of the install process. But I'm pretty sure there's nothing on there that isn't backed up elsewhere.

Nothing vital, at least.

Still, though, that was a glorious crash and burn. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

A'ight, round two. This might take a while ....

Update 19.52: To the other, the 'Hawks are on, so I'm in no hurry. Install is now proceeding smoothly. Likely diagnosis, bad data on .iso burn. Prob'ly warn't Mint. Prob'ly not Utah State University. I might have damaged the disk, but there is no visible evidence. Bad burn? Well, it is a Dell. Then again, the new installer was burned on another Dell, so ... right.

Update 20.17: Second install failed. Diagnosis confirmed: user error. I'll never tell.

Update 23.19: A sad football game, an episode of Farscape, a complete zeroing of my drive, and a simple install seem to have done the trick. Now it's just all the fonts and images and all that silly tuning.​
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