The Third Chakra


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In 'K.I.S.S Guide to Yoga' i just read that, 'Just as the umbilical cord connects the unborn child and mother, the third chakra is the connecting cord to our feelings of belonging to and bonding with others'.

This is the closest thing I've found to something which has intrigued me for years and that nobody I've spoken to about it can relate to. When I was very young--up to the age of around 10--I would regurlarly sense a strong feeling around my navel area, of my mother. I can't describe the feeling but I guess it was something like still being physically connected to my mother (it was a beautiful, probably a spiritual feeling). In my adult life I have mentioned this to most of my friends and posted it on Sci-Forums as well (2 years ago), all to no avail--nobody can relate to it!
Can any one here remember having such feelings?
Yoga interests me as much as Indian culture does, I think for the real might have to go see a swami (sp?) or a real Yogic guy.
No I am sorry!

I cant say that I have experienced the same feelings, but there is another feeling I cannot explain.

As most people I have a strong connection with my family and would do almost anything to make their life's better. I would also sacrifice my own good to save a member of my family. This is not so strange, but!

I have met two other persons in my life which in a short while has achieved this status. There is nothing particularly special about these persons, but still I feel like I have to sacrifice my own life if it would mean saving them. These feeling is troubling me because the two persons is not family or loved ones, its just that I would do anything for them.