The Show Your Paintings/Drawings/Images Thread

chocolate dreams

I have about 40 files of flatland in various stages.
The red and blue design was one of the first things I ever did with PS1 about 4 years ago. Going back and cleaning up some old pics as I learn more by trial and error makes a big difference.

Once you do a pic you just add and subtract for the next pic so it may take only 10 minutes. It gets easier and faster on a logrithmic scale.

As a beginner I have to tell you I still have next to no idea how to use the pen tool. :bugeye:

Mostly the quick down and dirty political cartoons are posted...


That last ones pretty cool! I can get 3d in pretty good focus about 6" from the screen...
Originally posted by wesmorris
Sarge, that's talent man, impressive.

After reading in site feed back how you felt about art and culture i take that as a huge compliement. You have made my day sir. Thank you. Unless you consfused Don Hakman for me *crosses fingers he didn't*

My first post here...

I posted one of my pictures accidentaly to the "Picture Thread"
I love Bryce so much cause you don't have to know much about imaging to make some cool looking things. Made with Bryce 4: