The Show Your Paintings/Drawings/Images Thread

Spidey, you do good work, you do...

I doubt you've ever done LSD though.

Hmm, I have a digital camera...but I'm afraid posting my art's going to be low on the to-do list...
Which is so long at this point I hope to find a device to keep my corpse animated so it will all get done.:runaway:
Thanks. I've been getting lazy though, those are all a couple years old at least. I'm in the process of setting up a woodworking studio.

Your kidding? Me too!! Urns . I turn Vessels . Segmented wooden Urns . There is an artist hear in Missoula that made it big with his wooden fish sculptures swimming in natural looking environment. Trout sculptures. Dude Missoula is artist paradise. It would blow your mind who's who who lives hear. Secret get away for Artist. Like the hole in the wall of the Sun Dance Kid
I love that turned art, never tried it myself, but I mean to. Used to subscribe to Fine Woodworker.

Love Birds​