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Experimental short film "Movements between moments"


In between moments of time these are the eternal movements of being happening at every point of existence.

Inspired by and dedicated to the Christian mystic of the 17th century Angelus Silesius.

Shot in hdv as an experimental short film by aesthetically combining different film techniques and elements from various periods in film history in the rhythm of vibrating thoughts and visions.

Lush Garden

(All of my art compositions are done in Photoshop)

Lush Garden. (All of my art compositions are done in Photoshop)
It's lovely, but some tips: Upon closer inspection your proportions are off. Macaws are huge birds, much more massive than the biggest parakeets. They should be about three times larger in linear dimension; 27 times larger in mass/volume. One typically weighs 2 lb (a kilo) or more and is more than a foot (300cm) long without the tail.

Also, many of the psittacines (various parrot species) appear to be pet birds with their flight feathers trimmed, rather than the wild birds you'd see in such a scene. Wings of the larger parrots cross behind them at the base of the tail and stick out in prominent diagonals to about halfway down the full length of the tail. A big bird like a macaw requires enormous wings in order to be able to fly. Seen as a silhouette in flight, the wings comprise considerably more than half of the image.
I did a very disgusting impression of all of you on one sheet of paper, but I dare not post such award winning art here.
Lovely drawings, Spidergoat. Do you work /have you worked as an illustrator?

No, I got into sculpture and then 3D modeling of consumer products, it pays the bills. But I want to get back into art.

I want to do a series like "untitled" above, which is based on a mug shot photo from around 1880, I have a whole book of them.
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As Gully Jimson said (The Horse's Mouth):

"Better to climb to the top of the Tower of London, stick Roman Candles in each of your' pants pockets, light them, then jump off singing "Rue Britannia" all of the way to the bottom than to take up a career as a professional artist."

I disagree, but took the opportunity to quote it anyways as it is a very good line. :)

Good job with the pencil there, Spidy, nicely done. Thanks for sharing it with us here.

Heh - my art pays the bills, it is the other stuff that are my hobbies. ;)
I want to do a series like "untitled" above, which is based on a mug shot photo from around 1880, I have a whole book of them.

I thought that was the best one too. Hope you do it soon and post some of them here. Good luck on your project.