The power source for a faster than light engine?

Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by OmegaSeven, Oct 31, 2001.

  1. OmegaSeven Registered Member

    The power supply would have to immense were would you get the energy to run the thing? Would it be an exotic or unusual form of energy?
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  3. rde Eukaryotic specimen Registered Senior Member

    Pixie dust. That's at least as real as your FTL engine, so it should do the job perfectly.
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  5. OmegaSeven Registered Member

    Re: Re: The power source for a faster than light engine?

    Are you insulting me?

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  7. Benji Registered Senior Member

    Well scientist had concluded that light energy (that of a star or galaxy of stars) only makes up around 20% of the energy in the universe, so there's a massive amount energy we cant even see let alone to begin to comprehend.
    Possibly in 20-60 years we might have a better understanding of this "exotic" energy as you call it and might be able to use it in some kind of reactor to power a craft or indeed a community of people here on earth.
    Part of that 80% consits of what is now known as "dark matter" this is thought only to comprise of around 12-30% of the 80% but its something we'v been able to isolate and perhaps could hold the key.
    The rest of the 80% as far as i know is completly unknow.
  8. Mr. G reality.sys Valued Senior Member

    Obviously, an FTL drive must be fueled by mostly retarded tachyons.

    Slap your low brow foreheads, folks!

  9. Moose Registered Member

    i like the irish man's humour................

    um, Big G, what are these retarded tachyons that you speak of?(unless it is humour that is prevailing.........)

  10. fartimus Gordon Registered Member

    Power Source

    Maybe we could use a fart as a source of power.
    I just ripped a huge one and the smell seemed to travel faster than light....go simple and naturally nobody thought of it due to its simplicity!
  11. Gunner Registered Member


    Hello! You guy's obviously don't read the government FTL research site news. They said that a form of negative energy would be needed to propel an object faster than light. Antimatter is negative energy. They also said that regular(such as protium being the regular form of hydrogen) antimatter wasn't powerful enough. So, either we need anti-tritium,or anti-quatrium(both of wich would be incredably powerful forms of anti-matter,more so then normal), or we need to figure out zero-point energy, which, to the clueless one's(I doubt there are many,otherwise the wouldn't be here), is the power of the vacuum. I'm not sure on this next part, but I think it's related to background noise. Can anyone confirm that?
  12. Rick Valued Senior Member

    check this file out guys.
  13. Acerbus Wanderer of the Wastes Registered Senior Member


    zero energy is something from nothing practically... creating particles from nowheres and if you keep creating them then you have an unlimited energy supply correct? hell, pop a 'can' of zero-energy open and stick it in the battery slot for you ftl and off you go.. the only other power supply i can think of that might meet the needs is a sun..if only we could figure out how to lug a sun around... go down to Q-engergy and read about it.

    btw how do i dl the above file? i click on it and it goes to a blank page and has a little symbol up in the corner.
  14. Rick Valued Senior Member

    right click->save the target as->name->download it.

  15. Xelios We're setting you adrift idiot Registered Senior Member

    I have a feeling we're all looking at this FTL thing the wrong way. There must be some way to completely bypass the entire acceleration part of the process, which is what is causing the problems. I thought infinities in theories were supposed to be a sign that it has broken down at those conditions, is this not true for relativity? I guess antimass would be helpful in solving this, get enough antimass to just cancel the "normal" mass and you've got either 0 or - rest mass, thereby bypassing the infinite energy problem

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    I know, I know, I'll keep dreaming

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  16. razz Registered Senior Member

    power source

    Just an thought..

    what about advances /current or future, in the field of "Nanotech"

    would this technology in its own right solve or provide alternatives to this powersouce problem?

  17. Xelios We're setting you adrift idiot Registered Senior Member

    I'm not sure how nanotechnology could be applied to generate power on the scale of antimatter reactions or cold fusion. Unless we would somehow be able to assemble particular molecules out of other molecules and atoms. That would certainly solve the fuel problem, when the supply runs out just make more.

    BTW, by assemble I mean breaking molecules into their seperate atoms and then reassembling these atoms to form another structure. Not simply mixing two chemicals together to make a third.
  18. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Maybe we should work on coming up with a design for a FTL engine before we start worrying about a power source for it. The size of the power source will surely depend on the operating principle.
  19. some_guy01 Registered Senior Member

    the engine probably would not be an engine at all. More like a device because by the time that we have the capability to go that fast we hopefully would know how to manipulate the properties of space and time so that we wouldn't rely on an accerlerant to boost us to another planet. However that time is no where in the near future. We are just now piecing together space and times properties', and still have a ways yet before we completely understand them.
  20. Saticomm Registered Member

    Pensando alto

    Todos já pensam em ir na velocidade da luz ou acima dela. poderíamos começar por baixo quem nem os primeiros carros que nem iam direito a 20 kilômetros por hora e hoje atingimos até 200 kilômetros fácil. Poderia se pensar num motor 1/4 de luz, que tal ?
  21. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    I was just about to say that!
  22. Saticomm Registered Member

    Veja bem, se começar com algo simples, logo chegaremos a velocidade da luz. Poderia até ser um motor sub-luz. Seria um ótimo começo. Não envolveria formas de energia para nós ainda desconhecidas.

    Vejam no youtube o motor proposto que atinge a velocidade da luz ( fast than light )
    procurem por Fast Interstellar Space Travel using Phase-shifted Electrodynamic Propulsion
  23. Rhaedas Valued Senior Member

    What if we just burned Unobtainium?

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