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So howzabout an image gallery. Members' pics...

A running tally of the brave: :m: Peace.
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So howzabout an image gallery. Members' pics... I could donate the space and maintain the page if there were enough interest and Porfiry provided a link.

Well, you can attach files to posts. I've been wondering if a picture thread would emerge, but so far no-one has been brave enough. :)
Hey, great, more replies!

I'm glad I guilted a couple more replies to this thread, good on ya.

As for pictures uh-uh, no-way, no, never - I don't even like looking into mirrors! BUT - I'd love to see you-all.

It's not a matter of beauty queen or wicked witch but of putting face with thought.

We are all born with what we have and we have to make do with that until we leave this realm, unless you have gobs of money. If that is the case then you can buy what you desire; most of us do not fit that profile though.
Oh God.

Would a partial written description do?

What about "I have smiling eyes"? (I have been told, really, I'm not making it up)
or short blond hair, or toes that don't have the second toe longer than the first toe?

I'd say very in between beauty queen and wicked witch.

Wet1, I think you should post your photo first - I'm not picking on you - but if you say that looks don't matter, show us yours.:D

Now I have a very cheeky grin on my face!
I just thought of somewhere I could get a good mug shot like pic from ... maybe my posting it will end this picture posting paranoia and debate.

(Is there any way to have it displayed in the post?)
I was hoping that other people might post too. I guess that was pretty optomistic. Instead I killed the thread discussion and all ...

Am I really that ugly to scare everyone off? :(
It's a conspiracy actually. We have all been sending private messages back and forth, discussing methods that would induce you to post your picture while believing it was your idea. None of us had any intention of putting our pictures on display. :D

Actually... I just haven't taken the time to scan one. I will, as you have boldly stepped forth to start the trend!

I may not be able to post a picture at the moment but I will post a .wav.


I didn't just fart, I couldn't figure out what to say...

:bugeye: <----But I can tell you that I don't look like my friend over here
;) Aha! The picto-forum! Do I smell idea-plagiarism....hmmm...I've got a bone to pick with you, Porifry. But still, a great idea. I have to agree, because really it was my idea. I would love pictures. I can look pretty hot at the right angle. Ah, those darn angles.

I'd like to /777 post a wouldn't that be 'interresant?';)
Finally another brave soul! Good for you wet ...

(not that posting a file saying you just ripped one doesn't have its own bravery ; )
Ah, not brave, just lazy. It took a while to get the scanner warmed up, drivers updated, ect.
Ah, finally...

Could maybe we move the comments to the suggestion forums and leave just the pic's here?
The Q

Now I have a very cheeky grin on my face!

Your cheeky grin has been called and raised.
And now it is your turn to lay the cards on the table...

Come on Q, you can do better than that and actually post your mug!


...and while we're at it, where is yours, Porfiry?
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Hey Wet1

How the bloody hell did you get my picture!

They tell me I was nude that day - I can't remember because I'd had a drink or two.

And by the way, the feathers are fake, no bird was harmed in any way to make that elaborate headdress.

You are all really brave!
Cheers to everyone
PS Happy Valentine's day.

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