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What is the chemical properties of this drug that make it so powerful?

It's certainly not heroin. Recent studies have shown that ciggerettes are even more difficult to get off, than that of heroin.

But if i was to guess what drug has the most potent affect on a human, i would say an acid-based drug.
Any drug that will make you addicted to it is the most dangerous one. Each person can get addicted to many types of illegal drugs, it depends upon where they are.
By weight, synthetic, LSD is the most powerful. Natural, that would have to be Salvinorin, the active hallucinogen found in Salvia Divinorium. DMT, natural or synthetic, is also very powerful, meaning a tiny amount has strong effects. But really, the difference between these most powerful drugs and the less powerful ones are only measured in grams or micrograms. Most powerful by typical dosage is a different matter entirely.
I can only judge by the ones I've done. I never tried heroine or LSD, but I went through a slew of other ones and I think that meth comes out WAY ahead of cocaine, ecstasy, weed, ketamine, shrooms or mescaline.

LSD is most effective by weight, but I'm going to have to go with DMT, it is way more powerful. A possibile reason is that it is a native brain chemical.

Was waiting for someone to mention DMT.
Hands down, lol.

edit: damn, after reading some of the replies on here I see I'm nowhere near experienced enough to chime in on this subject.
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Pegging Pharmaceuticals

Prolong Pharmaceuticals – PEGged For Success?
By Alissa Poh

In Britain, people often use the phrase “pegging away” to describe working hard at something.

Across the pond, in New Jersey, the folks at Prolong Pharmaceuticals are also pegging away, attaching polyethylene glycol (PEG) to a variety of protein-based drugs. Or, to use the proper term, “pegylating” these drugs to improve pharmacokinetics, extend circulation time and decrease toxicity, all of which make for enhanced therapeutic effects.

I'm sure that we can PEG smaller molecules if we like the tail to wag the dog. In other words, you are no longer adding PEG to the drug, you're spiking the PEG.
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I'm sure that we can PEG smaller molecules if we like the tail to wag the dog. In other words, you are no longer adding PEG to the drug, you're spiking the PEG.
you do not understand the problem, so why post in ignorance?
Billy, please. Try to uplift the character of this forum if you are up for it.
Sorry, but from past experience, I know it takes dozens of posts to get you even half way to any understanding of complex issues.* With all that is going on now economically, I just do not have time to try to educate you on this one.
*If you need reminding, I think I can find time to give links to a few examples of your slow learning or stubborn inabilities to do so. Just ask for them. I always try to contribute to threads when I can, not for your education alone have I continued to explain, give example and do numerical calculations when replying to you. Again just ask if you want many to see how resistive to my (an others, like James R's) educational efforts you often are.

First will be your long insistence that photons are little balls, next will be your unequal arm see-saw that produced more energy out than the input, but I can dig up three or four more with a little more effort. Just ask for the links.