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The one that scares me the most is probably LSD, though any substance that fucks with your mind and makes you not yourself is fucking sketchy, and I don't see how anyone could do that for pleasure.

Adrenoquine is also up there. But like I said, many drugs are not 100%.

Did you mean to type Adrenochrome? I just ran a search on the word 'adrenoquine' and found nothing except your post in the search results.

I didn't know adrenochrome was that powerful, I thought it was like a lesser version of LSD.
I simply can't be arsed reading the posts, but if anyone has said this i apologise, but i would reckon tobbacco is the most addictive drug.

Yes. Most likely it is. As a matter of fact one person addicted to crack i spoke to told me that same thing. He sais it is harder to quit smoking cigs. than crack but tbh he never coud quit the crack either because he died while on a binge. soooooooooo....
it's certainly one of the most widespread damaging ones but it's not illegal (it should be). It's a nasty nasty drug, there is a footpath not far from where I live where industry used to dump nicotine waste (people call it the nicotine footpath). Nothing grows there, just slabs of nicotine. My biology lecturer told me about it first.
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for potency ...LSD wins hands down....for addictivness...either meth or heroin.
i would reckon tobbacco is the most addictive drug.
Addictive drugs are actually just half of the equation, the other half is what a human body (or a mammalian one, like a mouse or a rat), does when metabolising them, and long-term changes in physiology, neurotransmitter regulation, and a whole bunch of stuff.

P.S. Methadone is more addictive than heroin, or at least withdrawal symptoms are more severe and longer-lasting, but heroin is preferred because the rush and ensuing narcosis is "better", even though 'done lasts at least twice as long.
The addiction to methadone issue is apparent with modern-day prescription, or "maintenance" of dependency for opiate addicts.
I registered here to reply to this post since no one has mentioned the opiates stronger than heroin.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that can be up to 100x more potent than heroin and the ld50 is 0.5mg-1mg. I first ran into fentanyl back in my morphine days. Nobody had any morphine, but a guy said he could get fentanyl patches which were, he said, a substitute for morphine. That was all I needed to hear. I had done morphine every day, sometimes in amounts exceeding 250-350mg, for over a year. I still managed to work and paint, but it got to the point that I couldn't be happy without having morphine. So after being out for little over a day, the desperation began to set in. Anyone who has been addicted to an opiate knows that kind of craving. Unable to find my drug of choice, I bought 10 25mg fentanyl patches. It was a gift in disguise. I don't remember how many I used, but I remember pulling over at a gas station and wobbling into the bathroom. My skin was cold and clammy and I just laid against the bathroom wall, unable to move. I was higher than I had ever been in my life. The tiles and stalls and toilets started to take on a glowing quality. They almost looked holy. Anything strong enough to make a convenience store restroom look majestic is pretty powerful. I don't remember anything between passing out and waking up in the hospital. I have been clean (from opiates) ever since.
I always preferred morphine to heroin, and maybe I'm alone in that, but I had done heroin more than a couple of times. Compared to fentanyl, heroin is tylenol.
Stronger still is an analogue of fentanyl, Carfentanil.
Carfentanil is roughly 10,000x more potent than morphine, 4,000x more potent than heroin, and 100x more potent than fentanyl. In terms of raw power, Carfentanil is probably the most powerful drug. It's lowest median effective dose is 0.00032 mg.

So unless you're a wild animal weighing in at over 1,000lbs, I'd stay away from it.

The strongest hallucinogen I've ever experienced is brugsmansia. At the time of my first experience with brugsmansia I had done LSD, LSA, mescaline (my favorite), ayahuascha, all manners of mushrooms, DXM, ketamine, salvia, datura, etc ... more than I should have in truth. I've had scary experiences with these drugs, and sublime experiences as well. DXM and salvia can be terrifying, especially with someone prone to anxiety and panic attacks (such as myself) but the pure terror of brugsmansia surpasses them all. At least for me, anyway. I was not even seeing the same world my friends were seeing. With LSD there are perceptual distortions (breathing walls, glowing colors, etc) but with brugsmansia all of my senses were feeding my brain incorrect information. In reality, I was spazzing out on a couch. In that other world, I was playing hide and seek with some sort of creature. It never gave me enough time to hide so I was always running. Anxiety nightmare. Possible seizure. Terrible. LSD is pretty tame by comparison. Again, this is personal experience and might differ greatly from person to person.

Hope this helps.
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Interesting article from digg: Amplification of molecules

The ability to amplify minuscule quantities of DNA into workable samples, using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), has transformed biology. Now Chad Mirkin and Hyo Jae Hoon at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, think they have a working example that proves that the feat is possible for compounds other than nucleic acids.


Essentially a PCR for molecules other than nucleic acids. The implications of this are quite interesting, for sure. I am a little out of my league on some of the jargon (which may not be applied correctly), so I'm not sure of the details on how it works. Perhaps one of the more competent chemists can shed some light on that, and perhaps offer an opinion on whether or not this is likely to work.
Actually I do not see why it should not. The original paper showed proof-of-principle results. The problem with the system is that the system is limited in what the catalyst can generate (acetate in this case). So you can tweak it to start upon the presence of some molecule, but you will essentially only intensify the signal by producing lots and lots of acetate.
It is only similar to PCR due to its property to amplify a signal, but you cannot copy molecules with it per se.
The use of it is quite different. For instance you can tweak it to recognize a specific molecule, which you normally cannot detect due to its low concentration, but the system will detect it and generate acetate in a detectable concentration. So in the end if your system generates acetate you can assume that the actual substance to be detected is present.
SSRI + Catnip cigarettes = Boooom & Bad?

So hello folks.
My question today:
I'm being treated with SSRI.
But I would like to smoke catnip, which can, in fact, produce a small sympathetic euphoric high.
----But is it strong enough/can the contents create a serotonine syndrome in combination with my SSRI?:shrug:
Yes...I'm rather careful.:cool:

So - Catnip contains Actinidine, an Alkaloid,
htt p://
and Nepetalactone
htt p://[/url]
I'm not sure which one is the active compound, because Wikipedia US says Nepetalactone, Wikipedia Germany says Actinidine, probably both.

Thanks for any infos.

By the way, any catnip smokers here?:m:
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Fentanyl is the strongest opiate I've ever done. GOD i love it! I also prefer plain old m over dilaudid or h. Mainlining m is a full body orgasm but fentanyl was the same just much more intense. BTW I did that stuff for about a year & walked away from it. Now I'm back into exploring innerspace with psychedelics. I don't do E cos it screws with one's serotonergic neurons. I don't need that. But I have done IM DPT, DMT, 5-Meo-Dmt, oral mescaline, 2-CE, 2-CI, IAP, psilocybin, and of course LSD.
BTW none of this has ever affected my work. In fact it enhances it.
I would suggest that the use of inhalants is ridiculously powerful in terms of it's "legal" availability but it's "illegal" use. If I'm misremembering correctly, most inhalants replace the oxygen in one's system with X. Giving the same euphoria that you can get through asphyxiation.