The Most Offensive Jokes Ever!!!

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After the global success of Facebook, an rival site has been launched especially for niggers. Its called Junglebook.
i guess thats a fair call, but az im from little new zealand, no one has heard of a maori, so i was outlining what theyre like...

now back to offensive jokes :p

Q. Whats the difference between a bucket full of marbles and a bucket full of babies?

A. U can empty one with a pitchfork
Lou Vega has re-released his biggest hit single........

A little bit of Ahmed on the floor
A little bit of Abdul on the door,
A little bit of Sanjeev in the hall
A little bit of Imran up the wall

Ahhhrr Mumbai number 5!
Doctor - "How often do you masturbate?"

Patient - "About 4 times a week."

Doctor - "Do you think you can stop?"

Patient - "Why?"

Doctor - "Because I'm trying to examine you!"
Why did the woman cross the road?

I don't know either, she's suppost to be in the kitchen.

Why don't women wear watches?

There's a clock on the stove.

OMG painfully sexist! I love it!

how do u make a cat woof?
pour petrol on it and light it. Woof!

how do u make a dog meow?
put it through a ban saw. Meow!

both of these are great!!!! lmao!
The Most Offensive Jokes Ever!!!

"there I was, balls deep in this guys a-s.

I reach around, He's got a hard-on; what a fag!"

i heard that on the golf course and it makes me laugh everytime i think of it
The Irish SAS have parachuted into Mumbai Zoo and freed all the ostriches.
63 pakis died in bradford this morning. It was not a terrorist attack, a fuckin bunk bed collapsed! They are blaming it on Al-Ikea.
In the cemetery I saw 4 men carrying a coffin round & round. 3 hours later I saw the same men with the same coffin & I thought 2 myself... they've lost the fucking plot!
Just got an advent calender from Woolworths, all the windows are boarded up and there's fuck all inside
Surprised no body has made comment on my previous post yet.
Ace of spades. Spac ...

The AA have issued severe weather warnings and advise people to carry a flask and a spade on all journeys. This way if the worst happens you can have a warm cup of tea and get the spade to push the car! :)
went in to my local the other day and said " ill have a pint please nigger" to the spook behind the counter. "thats not very nice, how would you like to be spoken to like that?" we agreed to swap places and see how it went, i went behind the bar and the coon went outside and re-entered the pub. " ill have a pint please honky" he said, to which i replied " sorry we dont serve niggers"

old but appropriate since we seem to have stumbled once again on to the topic of our colonial brothers?
What did one nigga say to the other nigga?
"Nigga, you my nigga?"

What did the other nigga say?
"Nigga, you my nigga"
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