The Most Offensive Jokes Ever!!!

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why dont you take a hike, all you post on this site is offensive jokes, at least chatha contributes to debates. i think you dont understand the idea of this site. now you do us a favour and take your jokes to another forum u stupid cunt!!!!!

you can visit this site for any reason and this particular topic is for offensive jokes so fuck off you stupid cunt!!!!!!
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ive got a few tasteless jokes, but i have to be carefull were i tell em nowadays with all the do gooders in this world :)

1: whats black and sits at the top of the stairs?
steven hawking after a house fire

2: whats red and sits in the corner?
a baby eating razor blades

3: whats green and sits in the corner?
the same baby 3 weeks later

4: how do you fit 4 gays on a stool?
turn it upside down
Poetry Corner:

This is the ballad of Joe McGlock
The man who was born with a corkscrew cock
He spent his life in the fatal hunt
For a lovely girl with a corkscrew cunt
He found the girl and then fell dead
For her corkscrew cunt had a left hand thread
Why did the nigger fall from the tree?

Rope snapped
I had a upsetting phone call in work my mother rung and told me there were blacks in our family tree. I went straight home i glad i did they looked so good hanging from there.

Did you play pinata with them?
Q- Why do black people have white palms?

A- Because theres a little bit of good in everyone.
I found a black coffin outside my door this morning, so I gave him some Soothers and told him to piss off.
An elderly manis driving down the M1when his mobile rings.Answering it,he hears his wifeon the other end.
"albert",she says,"please be carefulwhen you`re driving back.I just heard on the radio
that there`s a maniac on the M1.he`s driving the wrong way!"
"its not just one" albert replies,"There`s fucking hundreds of them!"

I took the time to register just to say that this joke, and half of the others aren't even close to offensive. The most offensive part of that joke is when you said the word "Fucking" and a majority of people here probably weren't offended by the word. I had a junior high teacher tell me this joke. That's how lame it is. The topic is OFFENSIVE JOKES moron.
yeah, I can completely sympathize with you l_teddy10, the most offensive thing in the example you used is the grammar!

Anyway, I should stop bitching and start posting!!

Mike Tyson goes into an Irish bar in New York and shouts "I'm worth $23m and I only fuck white women".

Paddy goes upto him, whispers in his ear and Tyson knocks him out... The barman picks Paddy up, brings him round and says: "What the fuck did you say to him?"

Paddy says: "If I had $23m, I wouldn't fuck niggers either!"
The Erectus Trouserius or the trouser snake is the world's most dangerous snake. Colour varies fm pink to black. It's fangless, average length 5 - 9 inches depending on subspecies & honesty of it's owner, it appears in bedrooms but can b found in unusual places at times. Attacks women in the mouth or lower abdominal area, its highly venomous spit can cause swelling lasting 9 months, some r also known 2 attack men from behind
The owners of the house that was destroyed by a plane in kent have issued a statement saying next time they go on holiday they will turn the landing light off
Hey Teddy 10 I need a favour ! Im at the police station, their charging me with being the ugliest cunt in britain !!! Can u come down n show em theyv made a mistake !
hey shit himenshyo your fucking ugly and your mother dresses you funny!
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